Twitter CEO Breaks Silence on Criticism for Sharing Article Promoting ‘Democratic One-Party Rule’

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey took quite a bit of heat for promoting an article calling for “Democratic one-party rule,” and now he’s responding.

Last week, Dorsey shared the piece, whose author argued the U.S. should be more like California and eliminate Republicans’ political power. The writer, who published the story to Medium, claimed conservatives “deserve” to be cast into the “political wilderness.”

In response, Dorsey called the article a “great read”:

Dorsey faced intense backlash:

Now he’s responding:

Dorsey, in a series of tweets he posted Tuesday afternoon, called the criticism he faced for posting the controversial article “fair”:

He claimed he viewed the author’s “provocative” language as metaphorical but nevertheless saw the piece as a “strong analysis and thesis of competing economic systems in the past (labor) and today (energy).”

Loic Venance/Getty Images

Twitter has been criticized in the past for its perceived progressive bias and alleged targeting of conservative social media users.

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