Tapper Defends His ‘Perfectly Reasonable’ Question About How Dem Ideas Would Actually Stop Gun Violence

CNN anchor Jake Tapper took to Twitter to defend his question to Democratic presidential candidates about how effective their proposed gun control policies would be.

On Friday night’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” Tapper’s line of questioning was criticized by New York Times columnist Charles Blow, claiming that it was a “horrible question.”

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“Because what we’re doing is picking out one incident out of 30,000 deaths per year and saying, ‘How could you solve this one thing?'” Blow said in response to Tapper’s question. “That is not the objective of gun control. The objective of gun control is to reduce capacity to kill people who should not be killed.”

However, Tapper responded to the criticism by saying that he asked a question on how the candidate’s plans would work.

“I asked which proposed gun laws might actually have had an impact on preventing a gun violence tragedy,” Tapper said.

As IJR Red reported, Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) struggled to answer the question.

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Tapper garnered some backlash for the question from Twitter users as well, to which Tapper responded that Booker was not the only candidate who had been asked that “perfectly reasonable” question.

“There are plenty of proposed laws that could have an impact on reducing gun violence,” Tapper said. “Here’s [Amy Klobuchar] answering the same [question].”

He then went on to point out that Booker had brought up the recent Virginia Beach shooting in a speech, which prompted him to ask about his proposed gun control laws.

“Booker changed his speech in CA to talk about the Virginia Beach shootings and the need for more gun laws,” Tapper said. “Asking what laws would have prevented/mitigated the specific tragedy he wanted to discuss was a natural question and a sincere one too. Have a great Sunday.”

As IJR Red previously reported, Booker and Klobuchar are two of many Democratic candidates who have proposed extreme gun control laws.


  1. Tapper is the bad-guy for asking a perfectly reasonable question. The true gun control agenda is blatant but don’t the Dumbos think that query might occur during a debate? There will always be guns in this country, both legal and illegal, just like people.

  2. While I am a guns rights advocate, I do want tighter legislation for vetting who can get a FOID card and better laws to punish those that violate the laws that sell to gun buyers without a FOID card such as gun shows.

    1. You do realize not all states require “FOID” permission slips, right? When I need permission to exercise a right, it’s no longer a right.
      You should read the Bill of Rights. You’ll notice a certain phrase, I think it’s “The People”, mentioned in a number of places. In fact, I believe it’s the same phrase used in the preamble of the Constitution, explaining why they were writing a Constitution in the first place.
      Additionally, if you pay attention, you’d read of “The People” being secure in their homes, free from unlawful search and seizure, et cetera.
      Does IL issue you an FOID to allow you to remain silent against self incrimination? How’s about to the newspapers in Chicago, is there an “FOID” equivelent allowing they to remain a free press?

    2. Sorry, Kelso. As your down votes indicate, this is largely a gun ownership over human lives audience. No sensible gun control suggestions allowed.

  3. ‪The one law that would reduce needless gun killing and killing is general would be to not allow Democrats and the left to own them! Mass killers are allows from the left and Democrats!‬

    1. WHO are these Leftist mass killers? Robert Bowers, John Earnest, Wade M Page, Nickolas Cruz, Robert Dear, Richard Poplawski, Devin Kelley, Dylann Roof, Frazier Glenn Miller, et al are all proud believers of far right beliefs.

  4. Good grief. Those pushing “gun control” as a means of “preventing” or “reducing” crime are SO transparent in their deceit. They are not interested in reducing crime, only in people CONTROL, and the people they want to CONTROL are any that disagree with their anti-freedom agenda. When asked a reasonable question, they become INDIGNANT and OFFENDED that they are expected to provide a thought out, defensible response. HOW DARE YOU ASK SUCH A QUESTION! I’M ADVOCATING SAVING LIVES, REDUCING VIOLENCE, AND MAKING SAFE SPACES FOR EVERYBODY! Such transparent political chicanery and deception.

    1. How dare they not buy into this belief that prayers and moments of silence are the answer? How many lives have those prayers saved? How many lives have been saved with the more guns make us safe theory?

  5. It IS a reasonable question. To put restrictions on a right guarenteed by the Constitution, you have to show that there is a clear and present danger to public saftey AND that your law will have a positive impact on that danger.

  6. Trying to engage the D-RAT parade of clowns and expect a rational response is foolhardy!

  7. Did Tapper really expect different treatment when he left the plantation groupthink????

  8. Sounds like the “groupthink” crowd are eating their own. Did he really expect different treatment when he left the plantation???

  9. …because EVERY criminal or mass-shooting whack job will be stopped because their actions are illegal.

    Maybe the gun-control fascists should examine how effective existing laws are. q.v. Chicago, Newark, Maryland, etc. Spoiler: they aren’t.

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