Jake Tapper Puts the Screws to Media, Says Multiple Outlets Helped to Run Cover for Weinstein

As more and more dirt is uncovered on alleged serial predator Harvey Weinstein — and those who either participated in similar activities or covered for him — it is becoming clearer and clearer that Weinstein may only be the tip of a very large and very dirty iceberg.

CNN’s Jake Tapper discussed the unfolding story Wednesday with Ronan Farrow, who broke the story with The New Yorker when NBC declined to go forward with it, and he went on the attack against the complicity of media in general on this particular story:

“In 2015, specifically The New York Post, devoted its cover to smearing the actress I mentioned earlier, Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, reporting ‘The model accusing Harvey Weinstein of molestation tried to score a movie role.’ We just ran a picture of the tabloid cover.

That’s only one of the many, many attacks on Battilana that appeared in the press after she accused Weinstein. The media, some in the media, not everyone in the media, but the media really played a role in serving as Harvey Weinstein’s enforcer, and some of the media are responsible for this happening, this continuing to happen.

They have — they have assault and rape on their hands, in my view.”

Farrow agreed, noting that Weinstein’s apparent ability to manipulate the press was a large part of what scared some of his alleged victims into silence:

“So, you know, in the story itself there is a young woman named Emily Nester who also did a very brave thing going on the record, and she said she actually witnessed a case of this transpiring in real time, where Mr. Weinstein was enraged about a dispute that was happening with one of his — an actress in one of his films in the press and was, you know, talking about planting stories, she said.

In a threatening way, she felt, [Weinstein] told her, watch the news cycle. There will be negative items about my opponents in this. Indeed, there were. He came by her desk at the company after this alleged sexual harassment and said, ‘did you see?'”

You can watch the segment below, via CNN:

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