Jake Tapper Rips Into Trump on Perceived Hypocrisy of ‘Buy American, Hire American’

Jake Tapper opened CNN’s “The Lead” Tuesday afternoon with a stinging message for President Donald Trump, outlining all of the times the president’s own businesses failed to live up to his “Buy American, Hire American” mantra.

“The president just signed an executive order to buy American, so wait — does that mean he wants me to stop buying Trump products?” the CNN host said as he opened his show.

Tapper opened his program by reviewing what President Trump did in Wisconsin this afternoon, just before the show began:

“Just moments ago President Trump signed an executive order aimed at putting to paper some of the rhetoric from his campaign. What the White House is calling it’s ‘Buy American, Hire American’ order, it would beef up some protections for specific products made in the U.S., while also initiating a review of the program for skilled immigrants, which the White House and plenty of other critics say has been abused by corporate America.”

Using a series of illustrations, the CNN host proceeded to point out that the Trump Corporation doesn’t seem to follow President Trump’s own proposal.

Trump clothing is made everywhere from Honduras to China:

Image Credit: Screenshot/CNN

Trump businesses also appear to extensively utilize current visa programs:

Image Credit: Screenshot/CNN

“Is it hypocritical at all for you to talk about this” asked Tapper in a 2015 interview where he confronted Trump on the issue of his clothing being made outside the U.S.

“No, not at all,” responded Trump.

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