Jake Tapper Suggests That Roger Stone ‘Might Like’ Being in Prison

Amid speculation that longtime Trump aide Roger Stone might go to prison, CNN host Jake Tapper seemed to suggest that Stone wouldn’t mind that.

As IJR previously noted, Stone faced a multicount indictment from special counsel Robert Mueller’s office, which alleged that Stone made false statements when discussing his connections with WikiLeaks.

After his arrest, Stone seemed happy and appeared outside a Florida courthouse smiling at people who booed him.

One of Tapper’s panelists, former Obama adviser Jen Psaki, commented that “no one’s going to cry if Roger Stone goes to jail or when he goes to jail.” Tapper then suggested that Stone would somehow “like” prison.

“He might like it,” Tapper interjected before Psaki appeared to laugh and agree.

“He might, who knows?” she said.

Watch their exchange below:

After Psaki finished speaking, Tapper mentioned how Stone was a “dirty trickster.”

“Can I also just say, like, it’s pretty remarkable that the president of the United States has a close associate like Roger Stone,” he said. “I mean, there are dirty tricksters in every party and every corner of politics, but this is a close friend of President Trump’s, and this guy is awful.”

Stone, who is reportedly a self-described “dirty trickster,” didn’t seem afraid of controversy. After leaving the courthouse on Friday, he caught attention by giving the Nixon salute.

As IJR Red noted, Stone vehemently denied any wrongdoing and accused the special counsel’s office of trying to suppress political expression.

“I intend to fight because this indictment is fabricated. This indictment is thin as can be,” Stone said.

He added that “there is a war on alternative media. There is a war where they are trying to criminalize political expression. There is a war where they are trying to criminalize free speech.”


  1. How do Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper feel about Jack T. calling Roger Stone gay? Is that considered a compliment or slur???

  2. The past 3+ years have rendered many inane – just ask Tapper and Psaki. Fortunately, as best as I can tell, these talking headlice do have a sense of humor. Like dullards everywhere though it is at the expense of others and only funny to the choir to which these self-anointed sententious Fourth Estate groupies preach

  3. this is like the days when they come for you in the night shame on them

  4. Jake, you don’t know Roger Stone nor have you been in prison. How do you have ANY basis for making BS statements like this?

    1. To me, it looks to be a weak attempt at humor. There was no follow-up, so who knows.

  5. That makes no sense, even listening to the whole clip, the comment had no legs.

  6. I used to think Jake Tapper to be among the more honest of the talking heads, but he’s proven over the past year or so to be just as biased and worthless as the rest of the big media liars.

    1. What would be your proof of your assertion? Care to share who “the rest of the big media liars” are? Just curious if they are the media members that told you the Benghazi conspiracies that were disproved in 8 investigations. The Seth Rich conspiracy? The Hillary illnesses conspiracies? The caravan invasion conspiracy? The voter fraud conspiracy? The PP selling body parts conspiracy?

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