Reporter’s Son Dons ‘MAGA’ Hat for Press Briefing — Has ‘Epic’ Question for Sanders

On Thursday, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders hosted a briefing with reporters’ children, and Ami Magazine White House correspondent Jake Turx’s son wanted to know about future presidents. 

Turx brought his two sons to the White House on Take Your Kid to Work Day, and one of his sons donned one of President Donald Trump’s signature “Make America Great Again” caps. 


Sanders fielded questions from the kids, which, according to CNN’s Betsy Klein, included topics such as school safety, national security, the 2020 election, and Trump’s favorite animal.  

“Man, this is a tough crowd,” she reportedly said. 

Turx shared on Twitter that Sanders called on his son, who asked a “kinda epic” question which he explained was “his own idea.”

“After President Trump makes America great again, what job will there be for future presidents?” his son asked. 

Turx made headlines last year when Trump responded to his question about anti-Semitism by telling him to “sit down.” However, instead of being offended by the dismissal, he said it shows his commitment to fighting anti-Semitism. 

“That it bothers him on a personal level, a deep personal level, and it makes me very hopeful that he will work together with the community,” he explained. 

Along with a briefing, the White House guests were given a tour of the Oval Office and had the opportunity to meet Trump and get his autograph. 

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