James Clapper Says Trump Could Be a ‘Witting or Unwitting’ Russian Asset

James Clapper

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said Tuesday it was “painful” to admit he agreed with former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe’s assertion that President Donald Trump could be a Russian asset.

“I completely agree with the way Andy characterized it, you know, it is a possibility and I would add to that caveat that whether witting or unwitting,” Clapper told Don Lemon on CNN Tuesday night,  “and that is a really painful thing to say, but I believe the FBI was institutionally obligated to do what it did and that is to initiate an investigation.”

Clapper cited Trump’s “deference” to Russians and Putin through his campaign and early presidency as indicators that Trump was on the foreign adversary’s side.

“Yeah, I do agree as amazing and stunning and depressing as that is,” he said.

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Clapper doubled down on his statement Wednesday morning, emphasizing that he believed it is more likely Trump was “unwitting” in his possible role as a Russian asset.

“I’ve speculated in the past that the way Putin behaves is to treat President Trump as an asset,” Clapper said on CNN.

“You consider Putin’s background as a trained, experienced KGB agent and how he would approach somebody that he is trying to co-opt, or influence or gain leverage over, and in this case, you know, appeal to ego,” the former director of national intelligence continued. “In that sense, in that context, is what I think of when I mean potential unwitting asset.”

Clapper said he doubted that Trump was actively “a recruited asset who is responding to the direction of a case officer” which he defined would be the situation if he was a witting asset.

“I really don’t think that’s the situation here,” he concluded.

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President Trump has been on the offense of many of McCabe’s recent claims and has used his Twitter to paint the former acting FBI director as a liar.

Clapper came to his former colleague’s defense, and said he always found McCabe to be “credible, professional, dedicated and honest.”

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This Clap on a quarter million a year fed pension talks with a straight face about a ruskie Trump handler? WTF?! (And what does he say about sneaky Snowden while this prince of Clap was in charge of spymastering?) On a lighter note, that is a shit eating grin he proudly sports and CNN adores, especially when it was CNN it very self that, New York Times-style, teased it out of him

Allen Zabel

A disgraced moron, who stole government documents and was fired.
Yeah, he’s got a lot to say.


james clapper- cnn. All you need to know.


This is hilarious coming from an admitted communist!!!

Rocky Drummond

“the FBI was institutionally obligated to do what it did and that is to initiate an investigation.”

This is what the current critics leave out of their arguments against McCabe. It was his duty to find out what was going on and he would be negligent if he didn’t. There was no resistance, at that time, to doing an investigation from the Republican controlled Senate, either.





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