James Comey to Give Public Testimony Before Congress

Former FBI Director James Comey will testify before the U.S. Senate regarding the allegations that he was fired by President Donald Trump after the president pressured Comey to shut down the investigation of fired National Security Director Michael Flynn, CNN reports.

Comey could appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee as soon as next week; however, the details have not been finalized. The Senate Intelligence Committee is investigating possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government to affect the 2016 election.

The FBI is also running an investigation into these allegations, and Comey has spoken with Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller to ensure the absence of “legal entanglements” that could arise from Comey giving a public testimony.

In addition to his spoken testimony, it has been reported that Comey kept a written paper trail regarding his conversations with Trump. Intelligence Committee leaders have expressed interest in reviewing those documents to help them better determine the facts regarding this matter.

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