Actor Calls Out Lawmakers Politicizing Gun Control: It’s Not ‘Our Side Versus Your Side’

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Entertainer Jamie Foxx is speaking out against the disunity between lawmakers.

During the California Strong Celebrity Softball game at Pepperdine University, Foxx spoke to reporters about his opinion on why changes in gun violence haven’t been made.

“You wish that everyone would have cooler heads and just erase the lines in the sand when it comes to politics, and just really get into a room and try to figure out how can we live in our society, protect our rights and protect ourselves and not be so overly ambitious or overly, ‘It’s about our side versus your side,’” said Foxx.

He claimed that the issue is something that should motivate people to action.

“It doesn’t have to be an argument. It doesn’t even have to get as high as the way I’m speaking right now, but that really troubles you,” Foxx said. “To live in the fourth safest city in the world and to watch things like that happen — and anywhere it happens.”

He also pointed out that there is no bipartisan push to help the gun violence issue, and questioned what stops lawmakers from working together.

“This is the one time I can say in our history that nobody on either side of the political whatever, has taken a step towards saying, ‘Hey, we’re smart enough — how do we prevent these things from happening?’” said Foxx.

The softball game was to benefit Californian communities like Thousand Oaks and those damaged by fires. Foxx hoped his comments could be used to motivate lawmakers to rethink their strategy.

“So hopefully, today will be not only a day to have fun and raise money for the fires and raise money for those victimized in Thousand Oaks but also another blip on the media cycle to say, ‘Hey, don’t forget about the suffered.’”

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