Jared Kushner Rips Dems, Media for ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ Hysteria: ‘Embarrassment to Our Democracy’

White House adviser Jared Kushner slammed Democrats and those in the media who continue to spread accusations against the president and his administration.

During an interview with Laura Ingraham on Monday, Kushner claimed that continuing to push for the discovery of Russia collusion is doing more harm than good.

“Talking about this nonsense further, especially two years and being wrong so many times, is just really not productive,” Kushner said. “And quite frankly, it’s kind of an embarrassment for our democracy.”


One form of media bias that Kushner used as an example was the way the 2016 election was reported on.

“The media got the election wrong,” said Kushner. “They thought for sure Hillary Clinton was going to win… Their data was wrong. Their analysis was wrong. And then it happened.  Not a single person got fired. Not a single person apologized.”

Kushner also pointed out that it seems as if many have trouble coming to terms with the conclusion of Robert Mueller’s report, but will eventually realize the truth.

“We’re in a very unique time. People sometimes let their hatred for Trump overtake their rational ability to kind of look at things objectively. I think that when the dust settles and this whole administration is over, I think people will look back on these historic gains that have been achieved.”

The Trump administration has been able to make achievements despite the media’s repeated insinuations that the president was working for a foreign power.

“On the other hand you can say because the media is so distracted with Russia, Russia, Russia and all of these crazy conspiracy theories, we’ve been able to operate underneath that level and just really be effective,” Kushner said.


Despite all of the issues the adviser pointed out, Kushner is optimistic that people with different opinions can one day work together.

“It is what it is. I hope that going forward and everybody will look at it and have cooler heads and focus that we’re on the same team.”