Jason Chaffetz Sounds Off on Democrats for Collusion Claims, Calls Out Their Hypocrisy on Subpoenas

During an interview on Fox News, former Republican lawmaker Jason Chaffetz went after some Democrats for continuing to push for evidence of collusion and their hypocrisy of subpoenas for the Trump administration.

Chaffetz, who has chaired the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform in the past, slammed Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) for his reluctance to admit that there was no collusion between President Donald Trump and Russia.

“He’s in the minority, and he may flail all he wants,” Chaffetz said. “You know, Swalwell has never let facts and evidence and witnesses ever get in the way of a good story that he wants to spiel. Now he’s running for president, but hey, somebody’s gotta come in dead last.”

He questioned why Swalwell is still being considered as a credible interview source, pointing out that he does not offer anything unique to the narrative.

“Everything was in the clear for Donald Trump, and at some point, somebody is going to say why are we even asking this guy because he doesn’t offer any witnesses or any evidence, nothing new,” Chaffetz said.

Watch Swalwell’s comments below:

The former lawmaker also went after House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) for the double standard when dealing with the Trump administration.

“Look, when I was in the position of offering subpoenas, which I did dozens of times to the Obama administration, they took them as mere suggestions, didn’t even acknowledge them,” Chaffetz said. “I can’t name one subpoena that was fully complied with in the Obama administration.”

Watch Chaffetz call out Democrats below:

When asked about what he believes will come from the controversy, Chaffetz said that the investigation would go nowhere.

“This flailing that they’re doing, the overreach, the power grab that they’re trying to have, it’s not gonna fly because they’ve got to have a legislative purpose,” Chaffetz said.


  1. Duke Nukem Swalwell is among the group of 13 out of 20 2020 candidates polling at ZERO percent. At least he won’t be lonely at the bottom. Loser.

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