Jay Inslee Addresses Critics of Climate Change-Focused Campaign: ‘It Is Our Destiny’

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee appeared on “The View” on Monday to discuss his 2020 presidential campaign and his platform centered on climate change, where he was met with support as well as some criticism from the hosts.

Co-host Abby Huntsman pointed out that Americans care about a lot of different issues and that it would be difficult basing a campaign off one issue.

“Do you really want to win, or are you trying to get attention for this one issue?” she asked.

“I want a lot of things in life, but what I want most in life is to defeat Donald Trump and make him a blip in history,” Inslee proclaimed. “Climate change is an economic growth engine. It is an ability to grow jobs. Today, clean energy jobs in the United States are growing twice as fast as the rest of the U.S. economy.”

Inslee argued that addressed climate change could fuel American industries:

“The number one job creation rate today is in solar panel installers. The number two is in wind turbine technology. When Donald Trump said, you know, we’re not going to have toasters and TVs if we have wind power, that’s just simply, I don’t know, moronic is the best way I could say it.”

Watch the video below:

Inslee also discussed his accomplishments as the governor of the state of Washington but didn’t waver from his climate change platform.

“I’ve had a lot of success in our state,” he said. “We’ve got the best economy in the country, we’ve got great paid family leave, big minimum wage increase, we’ve had the biggest educational funding increase, we’ve legalized marijuana, a lot of success.”

Watch below:

But Inslee still focused his campaign on climate change.

“But the reason I’m fundamentally running is because we need a president who will say this: America is going to defeat climate change. It is our destiny, and we will do this,” he said.

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Inslee’s poll #s against other Dim candidates average between 0 and 1%. He has no name recognition or record. His focus on climate-change is hardly exclusive, q.v. those declaring allegiance, err, support for the GND. It won’t sell to the flyover voters.

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