‘This Is Not Helpful’: CNN Analyst Rips Democrats for ‘Process Talk’ on Impeachment

CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin shared his frustrations with Democratic lawmakers’ impeachment talk during a Friday appearance on the network.

Toobin claimed that Democrats discussing impeachment were doing nothing beneficial and that they should be acting on their talk if they were serious.

“I think the Democrats should stop talking about investigating and do investigating,” Toobin said. “Hold some hearings, talk about the substance of the investigation, not this process talk … Get to work. Don’t talk about it. This is not helpful.”


As IJR News reported, since the Mueller report was released, Democrats have been discussing the possibility of impeachment.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has, in the past, been reluctant to discuss impeachment, but after recent tense arguments with President Donald Trump, the speaker has gone as far as to say, “I want to see him in prison” when discussing impeachment. However, Toobin pointed out that the discussions were not effective.

“I don’t think Democrats are helped at all by this sort of process argument, about how we should do it or when we should do it,” said Toobin.

He also mentioned that only one committee has had any sort of hearing on the issue and their time to act on the report is closing.

“It’s June already. Intelligence committee hasn’t held any serious hearings, oversight has held a couple,” Toobin said. “The Michael Cohen hearing was a serious, important hearing. The judiciary committee hasn’t held any significant hearings about investigating the president. Do that. Don’t talk about this.”

While Democrats have occupied their time with impeachment talk, many voters do not believe that impeachment is the right strategy. A recent poll conducted by The Hill revealed that only 35% of voters want an impeachment inquiry to be started.

It is uncertain what action, if any, Democrats will take toward impeachment in the upcoming weeks.


  1. The impeachment conversation is stale and unproductive. The only thing Democrats are working full time on, is looking for ways to skew every move Trump makes. If the Democrats seriously wanted to win the election in 2020, they would be working hard at the job they were elected to do. But they can’t seem to get off the Trump-bashing merry-go-round. Their fear has them lashing out with ridiculous statements that frankly, their voters are becoming fed up with. Grown ups concede a loss and move on. Americans have voted for candidates that win as well as those who lose- we’ve always set an example to the rest of the world the way we conduct elections with 2016 being the only exception. Voters sent a message to both Democrats and Republicans when Trump won our votes. Both parties neglected to look inward to understand why that happened and it seems the Democrats are offended and in denial- they can’t even admit Trump has had an impressive array of wins during his time in office and therein lies the reason that they have already lost the next election. They’ve learned nothing.

  2. The media coverage of the House most assuredly is occupied with impeachment and/or investigations of the obstruction of justice offenses outlined in the Mueller Report, the alleged criminal offenses testified to by Michael Cohen, and the cases Mueller referred for investigation all listed in Appendix D. If CSPAN did not AIR the House public hearings on prescription drug pricing, opioid abuse, financial institution policy, small business needs, veterans issues, agricultural issues, education issues,etc… we would all fall for the talking point of impeachment is the ONLY concern for the House.

  3. Toobin understands unlike so many lame-stream Dumbocrats.

  4. I think the democrats have lost their minds. I changed my party. I don’t want to be a part of any party that is so full of hate, jealousy and endangerment of the American people. Pelosi thinking the president should be jailed is the straw that broke the camels back. She belongs committed to an asylum with Schumer, Schiff and Nadler.
    Now a proud republican!

    1. Good for you, Mickey! You got off the crazy train before going over the cliff. The leftist plan to divide Americans is working to some degree, but I believe they are overplaying their hand; America elected President Trump to STOP the radical turn leftward, and the Democrat/socialists/communists/progressives/leftists have responded by lurching even farther left. The silent majority will teach them the error of their thinking in 2020.

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