J-Lo Uses Debunked Photo to Argue Against Family Separations — Gets Wave of Backlash

Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez apparently didn’t get the memo about a photo widely circulated amid complaints about President Donald Trump separating migrant families at the border.

As Independent Journal Review previously reported, the girl in the photo even made it on the cover of Time magazine alongside an intimidating picture of Trump.

According to an interview with the girl’s father, she never got separated from her mother. Her mother instead stayed with her and reportedly paid a “coyote” $6,000, presumably to smuggle her and her daughter across the border.

But Lopez on Friday posted the photo alongside a long complaint about family separation at the border:


“Reading the news about the separation of children from their families, I can’t help but think about my own children,” Lopez began her post.

She added:

I cannot fathom a world where they would be ripped from my arms, taken to a place no better than a prison far from home. I feel we will never forget this moment in time. Bearing witness to these atrocities and that’s what they are, I can say for sure, remaining silent is not an option. As a Latino, and as you know very well, a proud Bronx born Puerto Rican American, we and the people of all different races, roots, and culture have enriched this country. But the recent rhetoric and constant dismissal of what we bring to the table has to stop. This is about basic human rights and decency.

Lopez also allegedly used a photo that was from Iraq:

It’s unclear, however, where Lahren got that photo since Lopez no longer appeared to have it on her Instagram page.

Many on Twitter blasted Lopez over the apparent error:

Some, however, defended Lopez:

In one tweet, a user echoed Time magazine’s defense that the photo was symbolic of the situation regardless of whether it showed a child separated from her parent:

What do you think?

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