‘Bill Barr Is Just a Liar’: Jerry Nadler Calls Out His Lack of Impartiality Over Mueller Report

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House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) blasted Attorney General William Barr as “just a liar” for President Donald Trump, claiming Barr’s motives are either to “hide whatever he has to hide” or to uphold “this tyrannical theory that any president cannot obstruct justice.”

During an interview with CNBC host John Harwood on Wednesday, Nadler took some digs into Trump and expounded on why he believes “Bill Barr is just a liar” and his “interpretations” of what Barr’s “motives” to defend the president could potentially be.

“The less charitable interpretation is he’s doing whatever he has to do to protect the president personally,” Nadler said. “And he’ll hide whatever he has to hide.”

Nadler then explained the “more charitable interpretation” of why Barr “misrepresented very strongly what was in the [Mueller] report”:

“The more charitable interpretation is that he simply believes in the so-called unitary theory of government, and this tyrannical theory that any president cannot obstruct justice, that as long as he believes that he didn’t do anything wrong, he can stop an investigation.”

He added that this would be “a terrible doctrine because it would mean that you can’t investigate any president for doing anything.”

The New York congressman then emphasized that either option is “dangerous.”

“One would have him being very dishonest, the other would have him being honest but very dangerous to the republic,” he said.

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Also asked of his opinions on whether Trump has engaged in criminal activity, Nadler didn’t hesitate to respond that “of course he did.”

“Mueller lays out very strong evidence of a number of obstructions of justice,” the congressman proclaimed. “Those are crimes.”

Nadler went on to discuss how, although he is hesitant of moving forward with impeachment, Trump is “making it increasingly difficult” not to pursue.

“Donald Trump is a con man, he is thoroughly dishonest,” Nadler said. “He lies all the time. We know that.”

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