Nadler Calls Out Barr for Hearing No-Show: ‘Afraid of Proper Cross Examination’

Jerrold Nadler

Attorney General William Barr said he bailed on his scheduled appearance in front of the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday due to a dispute with Democrats over questioning procedures, but House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) didn’t buy his reasoning.

“The administration, the attorney general, apparently is afraid of proper cross-examination,” Nadler told reporters after the no-show.

“We ask questions under the five-minute rule, and we’ve seen a pattern from this administration,” he added. “The administration’s witnesses fillibuster for four-and-a-half minutes and then give a nonresponsive answer for the next half a minute.”

Nadler said they wanted a procedure where they could have counsel after the five-minute questioning to follow up on answers so that Barr can’t “evade as easily.”

“Obviously, the attorney general is afraid to face that kind of questioning,” Nadler said. “What we saw today is, besides the attitude of contempt the administration has for Congress, what we saw is fear. Fear of effective cross-examination. Period.”

Watch the video below:

Nadler took his criticism a step further and threatened legal action against the attorney general.

“We will have no choice but to move quickly to hold the attorney general in contempt if he stalls or fails to negotiate in good faith,” the New York congressman said at a committee hearing Thursday that took place of the would-be questioning of Barr.

Barr testified to the Republican-led Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, but many Democrats were not satisfied with his answers.


  1. Nadler, a proper cross examination, from what I watched on the last time Barr sat for your questioning, all you are fishing for is somehow to prove to yourself that your self indulging pitty way to find something / anything to accuse the elected president, you are not out to find the truth, you are out on a personal gain rally.

  2. A-Yup, the Nad-less Nay-Boobs et al are in full Sight of Operation Boomerang. In the coming Months I’m not to sure the Dimms have enough screech in them to keep up, … BUT …, “Go-Nads”, … “Go-Nads”, … “Go-Nads”. 😉

  3. “The administration, the attorney general, apparently is afraid of proper cross-examination,” Nadler told reporters after the no-show.
    LOL….Barr and Trump are afraid of nothing but apparently you are, Nadler. What are they going to dig up on you?

  4. Nadler would not know a “Proper Cross Examination” if it bit him in his hateful arse.

    1. Oh-My, “arse”, how crude 😉 we have to be More Civil don’t-cha-know and follow the Lead of our English Friends; I suggest “Ruddy Bumm” would be more Appropriate. 🙂

  5. This would be comical if it wasn’t so sad. So is Nadler saying:
    – His committee members are incompetent of doing their jobs and need the help of their staff members to ask questions?
    – The Senate Committee Barr sat before yesterday is a bunch of cream puffs, but his committee is scary?

    This is the kind of juvenile name calling one expects to sometimes see on an elementary school playground. (Even most children know better.)

  6. The Democrats are trying to get Barr out because they fear the Indictments he is bringing against them for treasonous criminal actions they did in 2016.

    1. You are confusing me.

      Which “treasonous criminal actions they did in 2016” are you concerned about? This is news to me.

      1. Are you serious? Eight years of Democrats turning traitors and selling out their country in every way possible while making themselves rich and hiding out in walled guarded mansions to enjoy their ill gotten wealth.

        1. That is just rhetoric, just as I figured.

          1. Go ahead and bury your head back in the sand.

      2. The truth is very confusing to someone as confused as you.

    2. Which is why we’ve endured this witch hunt for 2 years…They want to remove, by hook or by crook, any threat to the status quo. These people are a joke, bloated by their self-importance and their ignorance of how really incompetent they are.

        1. It is an English, as in from England, phrase. At least the last 4 letters of your name are correct.

          “By hook or by crook” is an English phrase meaning “by any means necessary”, suggesting that any means possible should be taken to accomplish a goal. The phrase is very old, first recorded in the Middle English Controversial Tracts of John Wyclif in 1380.

    3. B carefull with the word “Treasone”. This is a War-Time crime punishable by Death.

  7. Nadler and his career politicians should be shown the door!

  8. Nadler is bought by Soros. Soros’ prostitute.

  9. I think Nadler and the rest of his Nazi Demonrats need to go walk in a minefield, They just can’t stand that their boy Meuller did the right thing and exonerated OUR PRESIDENT OF COLLUSION AND THEY ARE THROWING A HISSYFIT

  10. Gonads talks about contempt from this administration and the real story is this is all about their contempt and hatred for Trump. Congress. Do your job and get off the Russian witch hunt. You want a witch hunt? Back up one administration to your almighty narcissistic president obama and open up all the dirt that we all know you have on him, holder, the clinton’s and all the rest. Be honest for once in your stealing from and wasting tax payer money life. Go after the real criminals. Democrats!

  11. Surprised Nadler can stay awake for a hearing. Candice Owens caught him asleep at the wheel.

  12. This statement by Nadler comes across as an open admission that he and his fellow Democrats are too dumb and vapid to provide proper cross examination. Not sure what he thinks he will achieve with such childish taunts, but this one backfired, because he looks like a fool!

  13. How can Barr filibuster when democrats give ranting speeches and don’t allow him to answer questions? I have seen democrats do this before and then claim they could not get answers to their questions. They are just vile people.

    They hate President Trump.

    Hate is a lot of work, you have to do it everyday.

  14. He volunteered to appear before the committee to answer questions from the representatives. Nadler then added lawyers to the mix afterward. He is trying to make it seem like he was subpoenaed by including a remark about his subpoenas for the unredacted version of the report and underlying documents. They are separate things.

    Nadler can view the whole report minus grand jury information.

    Barr did not even have to give them anything beyond a summary.

    1. It has been offered en camera. Only 2 of the Republicans on the “Gang of Eight” have read it. Nadler wants the staff attorneys involved so the can see an unredacted version and leak it to the press.

  15. The democrats are grand standing. The report did not confirm the lies they have been telling for the last 2 1/2 years. Shameful

  16. As far as subpoenas go, AG Barr also can subpoena people involved in his burgeoning investigations on leaking, collusion with foreign governments, spying, and financial crimes! If any of those categories fit the Socialist/Liberal/Demwits, they better tread carefully around Barr because he can schedule early morning raids into the residence of these miscreants to seize their records and computers and phones!

  17. “The attorney general apparently is afraid of proper cross examination,”………….You mean, “inquisition”…..

    1. He needs to go pluck his eyebrows. His time would be better spent,

  18. Barr is afraid of no one even the bullies yesterday. He is not on trial but making himself available to House Representatives to answer questions. Nadler is making a fool of himself and is way out of line.

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