Feminist Columnist Shows Off How Her Second-Grade Child Is Learning How to Define Terms Like ‘Queer’ and ‘Cisgender’

Feminist writer Jessica Valenti had a message for conservatives on Friday: You should understand LGBTQ terminology since her daughter’s second-grade class did:

She then tweeted a photo, purportedly from her daughter’s class, which contained definitions of LGBTQ terms like “cisgender” and “queer.” The class defined the term “queer,” for example, as “a person who doesn’t identify as straight or bi or gay or lesbian.”

“It’s complex and can mean a lot of things!” the class’s definition also read.

There was just one problem many Twitter users saw. Why was a second-grade class learning how to define those terms in the first place?:

Valenti responded by lamenting how people can be so “dumb & hateful”:

Valenti, a columnist for The Guardian, has made controversial statements in the past and previously suggested that the white women who voted for President Donald Trump were “white supremacists.” She also suggested that people who voted for Trump shouldn’t show “moral outrage” over Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s indiscretions.

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