‘He’s Going to Have to Be a Better Judge’: Jill Biden Address Inappropriate Touching Concerns Head On

Jill and Joe Biden

Dr. Jill Biden, the wife of former Vice President Joe Biden, spoke out about her husband’s unwanted touching accusations for the first time and said that he needs to change the way he approaches people.

In an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America” aired Tuesday, Jill said she always admired the “way he does connect with people,” and that she was surprised with the accusations but understood the concerns.

“What I think you don’t realize is how many people approach Joe,” she explained. “Men and women looking for comfort or empathy. But going forward I think he’s going to have to judge, be a better judge of when people approach him how he’s going to react. That maybe he shouldn’t approach them.”

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Four women have come forward with stories about how interactions with the former vice president made them feel uncomfortable. None of them accused him of sexual misconduct but did say that incidences such as a too-long hug and a kiss on a forehead were unwelcome.

Dr. Biden said she’s experienced similar uncomfortable situations herself where men were in her space, but she didn’t speak up out of fear.

“Things have changed. There was a time where women were afraid to speak out,” she said. “I remember specifically it was in a job interview. That’s where we’ve moved from, if that same thing happened today I’d turn around and say, ‘What do you think you’re doing?'”

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Joe doubled down on his earlier promise that he would change the way he interacted with people.

“It’s my responsibility to be more sensitive to whether or not someone wants me to reassure them or wants to say hello or wants to show affection or support,” he said. “That’s my responsibility.”


  1. I like Biden and would happily vote for him but not for president. Most of the democratic presidential hopefuls are good people and even the other republican hopefuls would be a better president than Trump.
    This isn’t about getting someone better than the worst, its about getting the best.

  2. Smoochy Biden is 76 years old. He won’t change the way he approaches women. Apparently he isn’t getting enough “attention” at home.

    1. And yet, you voted for a guy with 16 sexual assault accusation who bragged about his assaults on an Access Hollywood tape & 2 Howard Stern radio interviews. Your guy has been married 3 times & his affairs are well documented. AND we are suppose to believe that you object to a man with zero sexual assault accusation & zero documentation of adultery.? The Pussygrabber is okay, but the guy who offers support to men and women “apparently he isn’t getting enough ‘attention’ at home”

    2. Your comment does not follow. As far as I have heard Biden is not having an affair. He is just a touchy feely type. Some people are, both sexes, some aren’t. In years past, and not so many past, what Biden is accused of would have not raised an eyebrow of anyone. In this day and age it is fashionable to “remember” things that “happened years ago and now scream “sexual assault”.

  3. He’s still an inappropriate ass! If he thinks that’s comforting to touch people the way he does then he needs to go back to school & learn appropriate interactions!

    1. Yes, why can’t the Dems find a pussygrabber like the R’s did? Are those appropriate interactions you want Biden to learn???

    2. If Biden is an “inappropriate ass”, I really want to hear your diagnosis of Trump.

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