Watch: Jill Biden Physically Tries to Pull POTUS Away From Speaking to Reporters


President Joe Biden was taking reporters’ questions when he was interrupted not by an aide dressed as the Easter Bunny, but by the first lady.

Before departing the White House for a weekend trip to Delaware, Biden stopped to take some questions from reporters.

However, as he spoke, First Lady Jill Biden interrupted to try to get him to stay on schedule.

“We gotta go!” she said.

The first lady could then be seen tugging on the president’s arm to get him to walk away from the press.

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Watch the moment below:

Eventually, he made his way to Marine One at a brisk pace.

It’s one thing to want to stick to the schedule.

But the repeated instances of Biden being interrupted while speaking to reporters and led away is kind of weird.

In April, he was speaking to reporters when an aide dressed in an Easter Bunny costume walked over, got his attention, and directed him to another location.

And earlier this week, after an event at the White House, the president did not need someone to interrupt him because he just quickly walked past reporters while they shouted questions at him.

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The White House reportedly wants to make Biden more visible in an attempt to help save his poll numbers. But apparently, that means just having him deliver prepared remarks and limiting the press access.

That’s probably because of the risk that he’ll deliver an awkward gaffe, make an apparent policy pronouncement that the staff needs to walk back, or he’ll share his sympathies for someone who “dropped dead.”

But, he is the president, and the American public deserves to hear answers from him that don’t just come in the form of a speech or a written statement.

Biden’s aides can try to form a protective bubble around him to try to crack down on moments that distract from their message, but eventually, it will just raise even more questions.

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