Jim Acosta Calls Out Sean Hannity for Criticizing His Book: You Wouldn’t ‘Say Something to My Face’

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Fox News’ Sean Hannity has been blasting CNN’s top White House reporter Jim Acosta on his late night show — a program that boasts the President of the United States as a regular viewer.

The CNN reporter, who is Trump’s biggest perceived foe in the press, has a new book out soon and Hannity has been taking shots at the upcoming text.

In a tweet, Acosta hit back at the Fox personality, writing, “I offered to come on your show and talk about the book and you guys declined.” He also added, “You’re in the book. It was the time that you had a chance to say something to my face but didn’t.”

Acosta posted a photo of an excerpt from his book. He writes that he was leaving a press conference and when he got onto the press bus, “I immediately spotted two of my biggest critics: Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, Trump’s chief propagandists at Fox.”

He goes on to write, “After all their attacks on me during their prime-time ‘state TV’ programs, they didn’t say a word to me. You’d think they would have had something to say to my face, but their fauxmacho man bullshit, as it turns out, seems to stop at the doors to the Fox News headquarters.”

While Acosta has never interviewed Trump, Hannity regularly does fawning interviews with the president. The incident that Acosta is recalling from Finland probably dates to the summer of 2018, when the president held a summit with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. After that summit, Hannity gave one of his adoring interviews praising the president.

Hannity responded to Acosta’s tweet on Friday afternoon, saying he would not subject his audience to “conspiracy theory fake news.”

Acosta’s book is titled “The Enemy of the People” and will reportedly talk about his time playing the role of the leading villain in the Trump White House and the president’s favorite punching bag in the press.

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I’m sure Jimmy went back to CNN and he, Chris, Anderson, Jimmy and Don and a real estrogen party over it.


Acosta wouldn’t know what to do speaking in front of millions of people. He’s never done it before.

Spencer Ross
Spencer Ross

Of course Hannity punked out.
He can knock Acosta, but true coward that he is Hamnity refuses to go head to head with him….and Acosta’s not afraid yo take him on on Hannity’s own turf.


Acosta is a propagandist of the Nth degree.





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