Jim Carrey Goes Too Far with His Latest Anti-Trump Artwork Depicting Explosive Device in POTUS’ Mouth

Actor Jim Carrey is at it again showing his dislike of President Donald Trump in his new artwork piece.

This time, the Hollywood celebrity is depicting an explosive device in President Trump’s mouth amid recent reports of suspicious packages being sent to prominent Democrats politicians and public figures.

Thos Robinson/Getty Images

He is pointing fingers at the president as being partially responsible for what has happened.

“Make no mistake, these terrorists were encouraged and emboldened by the hate speech of Donald Trump,” Carrey wrote along with the artwork, adding:

“If you can’t see the clear menace of this man’s influence by now then you are a part of it.”

Many users on Twitter responded to Carrey’s “hypocritical” artwork:

Despite Carrey’s disapproval for the president, President Trump, along with first lady Melania Trump, condemned the act of sending suspicious packages.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

“I just want to tell you that in these times, we have to unify, we have to come together and send one very clear, strong, unmistakable message that acts or threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the United States of America,” President Trump said.

The first lady also chimed in, “We cannot tolerate those cowardly attacks, and I strongly condemn all who choose violence.”


  1. Ignorant pos. Never liked him before he started his ignorant rants. Now I find that he is just an ignorant despicable pos.

  2. As a comedienne he bombed, as an actor was a failure, as an artist he does not rank with a kindergartner.

    Carrey said, “If my career in show business hadn’t panned out I would probably be working today in Hamilton, Ontario, at the Dofasco steel mill.” Jim go back to Canada from whence you came, maybe you can find your calling as a laborer in a steel mill.

  3. OK, I’ll let the sick turd be; I empathize with him trying vainly and desperately to hang on to a career which he never qualified for in the first place. His audience was pimply adolescents who loved his flatulence jokes and putty faces. Can we blame the schmuck? Or the cowardly media that uses him to throw spitballs at Trump?

  4. I get it. To the Left words are tools for violence. Weapons. So Trump telling it like it is IS explosive.

  5. So, people are upset about some art critical of the President at a time when the SAME President who asked repeatedly about some e-mail is using his unsecured cell phone to talk with “friends” about things he shouldn’t be talking about with them. This is the ultimate in hypocracy.

    We need to focus on different, more important, priorities.

    1. …and what are those “priorities”? Stopping an invasion by illegal immigrants is one of them, unless you’d like to sponsor a few, which would make them legal. Hope you have $$$ to support them and pay the immigration lawyers.

  6. I stopped watching Jim about the time he retired the Fireman Bill character, which slighted those first responders.

    Encourage violence much Jim? Let’s hear you say the Reprobates are to blame.

  7. Does anyone really care what this washed-up loser does or says?
    Bruce A’Mighty should just ‘star’ in a movie with ‘Stormy’
    Daniels so those warped enough can laugh at that.
    I’m sure she’d be laughing.

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