Jim Jordan Battles CNN’s Poppy Harlow: ‘Let’s Keep It All in Context’

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) talked with Poppy Harlow on Thursday morning on “CNN Newsroom,” and following suit with this week’s morning cable news shows, things got a bit heated.

Harlow started off the interview by asking Jordan what he thought about the Donald Trump Jr. email scandal.

Jordan responded, saying that “we are going to get to the bottom of it” while also reminding Harlow that “it was one meeting, 20 minutes,” and that she should “keep it in context.”

The Republican from Ohio then turned the conversation, bringing up former FBI Director James Comey.

“Frankly, keep it in the broader context,” Jordan said. “The idea that James Comey, just a few weeks ago, under oath, told the American people that he misled us and that he did it at the direction of the attorney general when he called the Clinton investigation a ‘matter,’ not an ‘investigation.'”

He would continue saying that Comey misled the American people further by claiming that President Donald Trump was under investigation when he wasn’t and by “putting confidential information in those memos he put together.”

Harlow then argued that there was nothing illegal about Comey documenting said information in memos, considering that the memo he did distribute contained no classified information.

After adding her point, the CNN host pushed back on Jordan, saying that she “would like to stay on topic.” Jordan retorted that “we can stay on topic, all I’m saying is that we should view it in context.”

Harlow chimed in, speaking over the congressman, shouting “sir” repeatedly before throwing his words back on him.

“You are saying this is nothing, nothing came out of it. It was a 20-minute meeting,” Harlow quipped. Jordan simply said, “All I’m saying is keep it in context.”

He continued, saying “there’s an investigation going on, and they will get to the bottom of that. All I’m saying is keep it in context.”

Pressing his point further, and in response to Harlow’s throwing his words back at him, Jordan said, “You are right, I said I wouldn’t have taken the meeting. In hindsight, Donald Trump Jr. said he shouldn’t have taken the meeting, so let’s get all the information. No one’s ever accused me of going easy on my own party. I want to get the information out there. But I do think it’s important to keep it all in context.”

Pushing every further, Harlow referenced the fact that some Democrats have pointed out that Comey’s testimony had made them “feel uneasy.”

“Exactly,” Jordan chimed in over top of her, “so let’s keep it all in context.”

From there, the two talked over each other until Harlow pushed to “move on.” The interview continued in a more measured fashion, with Jordan staying around for two more segments of discussion.

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