Jordan Calls on Democrats to ‘Address’ the Crisis, Rather Than ‘Playing Politics’ with the Border

Ranking member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) went after the Democrats, claiming they are “playing politics” with the crisis at the southern border instead of tackling the situation.

During an interview with “Fox and Friends” Thursday morning, Jordan — the former chairman of the House Freedom Caucus — was asked for his thoughts on the House Democrats’ remarks regarding the ongoing immigration crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Jordan said that he agreed with the Democrats that the situation down south was a “crisis” and called for his colleagues on the other side of the aisle to “address” the issue rather than continue “playing politics” with the border.

“It’s a crisis, but let’s address the problem instead of playing politics,” said the Ohio Republican. “… But let’s focus on addressing the problem and not playing politics with it.”

Watch the video here:

The House Oversight ranking member continued on to lambast the Democrats on the committee for their since-deleted tweet promoting a subcommittee hearing on the border that featured an image of an area inside a migrant holding facility.

They came under fire after it was revealed the picture they used in the tweet was from 2014 during former President Barack Obama’s time in office.

“You know it’s politics when the Democrats had to take down a tweet because the title of their hearing yesterday — I mean, the title of the hearing tells you they’re playing politics, it’s called “Kids in Cages” — the picture they had on their tweet was from when President Obama was president and when [former Secretary] Jeh Johnson was running the Department of Homeland Security. They had to take that down.”

Jordan’s comments come as the crisis at the southern border continues.

As IJR Red previously reported, Customs and Border Patrol agents at the border are feeling the effects from the months-long crisis, with some agents speaking out about how “exhausted” they are from the situation.

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It’s good to call them out, but naïve to ask the Dims to do something. Of course they won’t. Doing so would ruin their plans for a new generation of voters, legal or not, AND they can continue to use it for political ploys.


Yes, the Leftists took down the picture of the “kids in cages” because it reflected the ineptitude and inhumanity associated with and the result of #44’s so-called “leadership”. AND, Joe Biden was second in charge and equally responsible for the mistreatment of the Illegal Aliens during their eight years in Office.





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