Jordan Grills Mueller on Russian Probe Origins, Questions Why He Pressed Charges Against Some but Not Others

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) grilled former Special Counsel Robert Mueller as to why he pressed charges against some witnesses, but not others.

Mueller conducted interrogations of several witnesses as part of his two-year-long investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Of those interrogations, he caught several witnesses in lies and pressed charges against several, including General Mike Flynn and former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

However, he declined to press charges against Joseph Mifsud, a professor who tipped the FBI off on campaign staffer George Papadopoulos’ alleged ties to Russian officials. This spiraled into the investigation into Trump’s campaign. Mifsud was caught in lies by Mueller’s team but was never charged. 

Jordan pressed Mueller as to why members of President Donald Trump’s team were sent to jail for the same offense that the man who started the investigation into the campaign committed.

Watch Jordan grill Mueller:

“The FBI interviewed Joseph Mifsud on February 10, 2017. In that interview, Mr. Mifsud lied. You point this out on page 193, volume one. Mifsud ‘denied,’ Mifsud also ‘falsely stated.’ In addition, ‘Mifsud omitted.’ Three times he lied to the FBI, yet you didn’t charge him with a crime. Why not?”

Mueller said he could “not get into” the decision-making process of pressing charges. Jordan noted that they made several decisions to press charges against several members of Trump’s inner circle.

The congressman retraced the FBI’s investigation into Pappadopolis, noting that the campaign staffer allegedly told a diplomat that Russian’s had compromising information on Hillary Clinton. That was relayed to the FBI, tying the Trump campaign to the claims. Papadopoulos was tipped off on the alleged dirt on Clinton by Mifsud.

“[Mifsud] is the guy who told Papadopoulos, he’s the guy who starts it all. And the FBI interviews him, he lies three times, and yet you don’t charge the crime. […] You charged Michael Flynn, a three-star general, for false statement. But the guy who puts the country through this whole saga — starts it all. For three years, we’ve lived this now. He lies and you guys don’t charge him. And I’m curious as to why?”

Mueller declined to get into his decision not to press charges. Jordan claimed this discrepancy justifies the investigations into the origins of the probe.

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What a mess! America’s enemies are laughing right now.

Walter Swartz
Walter Swartz

The deep state ran this investigation. Those very powerful, ugly, black hearted people. Cold hearted leftists. Yes, they are real. Barr best get his group in gear and tear them apart.


It’s clear Mueller was not in control of the investigation. Those driving the investigation certainly are not going to charge one of there own . I heard the Dems pushing the narrative that “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW……NOT EVEN THE PRESIDENT” many, many times during the hearing………but that obviously pertains to everyone except them!


That $25 Million investigation is over, let’s start a new on into the crimes of Barack Obama and the Clinton’s crime machine. BO isn’t president anymore and can be charged with crimes like any other traitor in America. The Clinton’s crime spree is shutting down, time to put the icing on the cake and send Hillary and Bill to a retirement home with bars and striped pajamas.

Allen Zabel

Talk about eating your own?
The Dem’s really made a mockery of Mueller ‘s intelligence.
They also dragged his credibility, into the dregs.
Worse yet?
He allowed it to happen.
Self destructing his long and supposedly spit shined past.

Tom Bodine

I actually felt sorry for him he made Joe Biden look sharp and that is almost impossible to do, this proves he didn’t do the investigation his left wing lackeys did.


Was Mueller the picture of the old saying, ” I’d rather be fishing ” ?

william jackson

Mueller looks like a mortician—-or a corpse (weekend with Bernie) type personality. Klutz and a political hack!





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