Jordan Calls Hicks Hearing ‘Another Political Stunt’ from Dems That ‘Underscores’ Need for Barr’s Probe


Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) slammed Democrats for calling former White House Communications Director Hope Hicks to a hearing during an interview with Fox News on Friday.

“Well, she couldn’t answer a lot of questions, but Democrats knew that before they brought her in,” said Jordan. “But that doesn’t stop them. This is I think in many ways, another political stunt from the Democrats.”

As IJR News reported, Hicks was unable to answer many questions asked by Democrats after White House lawyers directed her not to respond to questions. Jordan claimed that Democrats were focusing on the wrong investigation.

“Here’s the bottom line … The president was falsely accused, do you investigate how the false accusation happened, or do you continue to investigate something Bob Mueller spent 22 months on and come back and said no collusion no coordination no conspiracy and didn’t make a decision on obstruction. Do you continue to investigate that?”

The lawmaker pointed out that they were continuing to investigate the Mueller report despite many believing that there should be no more investigations into the report.

“Obviously, the Democrats have chosen the latter. That’s why they bring Hope Hicks in even though they knew before she even came that she wouldn’t be able to answer questions because of the privilege you have when you’re a top adviser to the president.”


He went on to claim the investigation started by Attorney General William Barr into possible intelligence corruption was extremely important.

“I think all of this underscores one fundamental thing — this is why the investigation, the attorney general of the United States is doing is so important.”

As IJR Red reported, the Hicks hearing was an attempt to investigate potential obstruction of justice by the Trump administration. However, the hearing was criticized by many due to the way Hicks was treated.

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Brad Hobbs

An additional proof that term limits are needed.


Just how many underscored political stunts does our Nation need to be persuaded of the need for the Barr probe?


That was a clown show on the part of the Dumbocrats and showed their utter desperation. They are simply the Anti-Trump Party now.


I am looking forward to what the AG discovers. I have a feeling it won’t look good for Hillary and the democrats. Could that be why they keep trying to smear AG Barr? I have noticed when they can’t control someone they go at it like that.


The Dimwit Party will NEVER be satisfied with any answer they receive from anyone associated with the Trump Administration – past, present or future. Until they get the answer they want (through a perjury trap?), this will continue on past the 2024 election when Trump leaves the WH.

It’s becoming increasingly clear the Dimwits have no idea why they were elected to their plush jobs or what they’re supposed to be doing for their inflated salaries as they have done nothing of substance since becoming the majority Party in the House.





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