Jim Jordan Spells It out for Democrats: ‘Anyone With Common Sense Can See We Need a Border Security Wall’

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) painted a clear picture for Democrats as to why they should come to an agreement with President Donald Trump to fund a border wall.

For the past several weeks, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and President Trump have been squaring off over border security. President Trump wants $5.7 billion to fund the wall and Pelosi has said there will not be a bill coming from her with funding for a wall.

Despite a record-breaking partial government shutdown, neither side was willing to cave on their border security position.

During an interview with Fox News, Jordan claimed that it is difficult to work with Democrats on border security funding because he believes they do not want to secure the border.


“It is tough to negotiate and get an agreement with people who are more focused on stopping the president than they are on helping the country. I always say, remember 10 years ago when both then-Senator [Hillary] Clinton, Senator Obama, both of them said they were for money for a border security wall, money for a barrier. Of course, today, Democrats have taken just extreme positions. We’ve got Congressman [Earl] Blumenauer from Oregon saying ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] should be abolished. You’ve got Sec. Clinton when she ran for president just a couple of years ago saying we need a borderless hemisphere. You’ve got […] the Speaker of the House saying walls are immoral and look who’s giving the Democrat response to the state of the union on Tuesday night: Stacey Abrams.”

Jordan noted that Abrams called for undocumented immigrants to join her “blue wave” of voters during her bid for Georgia’s governor. He also noted that he pushed the president to keep the government shutdown until the Democrats signed a bill with wall funding.

“We were pushing the president to do what we told the American people we were going to do which was secure our southern border and build a border security wall. It doesn’t take a genius to figure — what are we on now, the fifth caravan forming? It’s going to be here any day now in Texas. Anyone with common sense can see we need a border security wall.”

Jordan explained that he believes that no deal will be made by Democrats, forcing President Trump to declare a national emergency if he wants to build the wall.

The two sides have until February 15 to make a deal, otherwise, the partial government shutdown will resume.

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Daearl Kelly

Truth is finally told demoncrats want them for the votes. Ask stacy abrams. If she would have had them she would be governor of GA.

Phyllis Softa

I don’t know Jim Jordan, but I take the word of those who do. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/10/john-boehner-on-republican-party

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