Mattis Torches Obama, Biden for ‘Ignoring Reality’ When It Comes to Foreign Policy in New Book

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Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis tore into his former boss over his handling of foreign policy in his new book released Tuesday.

Mattis blasted former President Barack Obama for his “failure” regarding foreign policy in his new book “Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead,” saying that the time he spent overseeing Central Command (CENTCOM) under the former president ended with him seeing “strategic frustration.”

“It was to be a time when I would witness duty and deceit, courage and cowardice, and, ultimately, strategic frustration,” wrote the former defense secretary.

He also wrote that Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden refused to listen to his advisers — including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — when it came to potentially withdrawing troops from Iraq in 2011, saying that they were “ignoring reality” in the Middle Eastern state and that the removal of the troops allowed for the rise of ISIS.

“Central Command, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and the new defense secretary, Leon Panetta, who had replaced Bob Gates, continued to recommend to the White House retaining a residual force, as did Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,” wrote Mattis, adding that they were “talking to the wind.”

Mattis continued on to write that the White House addressed the Iraq situation as a “‘one-off,’ as if the pullout of our troops there would have no regional implications, reinforcing our allies’ fears that we were abandoning them.”

“I argued strongly that any vacuum left in our wake would be filled by Sunni terrorists and Iran,” wrote the former secretary of defense.

He also went after Obama for its handling of Syria and dictator Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons on his own people, saying that the country had “totally disintegrated into hell on earth” when the former president did not follow through on his “red line” warning.

“Over the next several years, Syria totally disintegrated into hell on earth. The consequences included an accelerated refugee flow that changed the political culture of Europe, punctuated by repeated terrorist attacks. And America today lives with the consequences of emboldened adversaries and shaken allies.”

Mattis fired off one last shot in his dig against his former boss’ approach to foreign policy, calling for leaders in the U.S. to “mean what we say” when it comes to foreign dealings.

“Acting strategically requires that political leaders make clear what they will stand for and what they will not stand for,” wrote Mattis. “We must mean what we say, to both allies and foes: no more false threats or failing to live up to our word.”

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Phyllis Softa

Houston, is there a reason you omitted reporting on Mattis’ comments on GW Bush/Cheney? If FOX can do it, can’t see why you can not. With all due respect to General Mattis, the Status Forces Agreement was approved and announced by GW Bush BEFORE Obama took office. The Iraqi journalist that tossed his shoe at Bush sealed the announcement in our memory.

Tom Bodine

“Obama”, words cannot describe him, so we will go with pictures 🐀🐪🤢


It’s spooky when one hears Swillary was more willing to kick ass than two term Super O, but then again, he said the sweetest sound he ever heard was the Muslim call to prayer. Is there a Minaret at his presidential library?


Mattis’s greatest expressed fear is that tribalism will destroy this country. I think he’s too late on that, especially having served under the “divider in chief”. Too many have the entitled attitude that our ahistorical peace, prosperity, and freedom are the norm. Those result because of a “social harmony” which is now under attack and lacking when politicians call for harassment and public violence. It’s most practical that a “two-state” American solution be found. Let the Blue, socialist states go AND pay their own way and let those who disagree go their own way. We are in so many ways… Read more »

Dave H

Obama wasn’t ignoring reality, Biden in his abject idiocy may have, though. Obama wanted to take down America and embolden her adversaries- that’s whose side he was REALLY on! Ever read his manifesto……errrr…book?


It’s because they wanted ISIS to flourish. Mattis should know this. Mattis is awesome except for one thing….he wants never ending war. Why? Because he’s a warrior. It’s who he is and he’s an expert at it. He knows how to hunt down terrorists and when unleashed he stomped ISIS out. While a great warrior, the ultimate objective should be peace. Most war hawks live in a perpetual stance of war. The greatest warrior figures out how to end war (cut the heads of the snakes off).

Betsy Lawson

General Mattis talks reality…politicians talk BS. And to think the sheep are following Biden once again. Quite frankly, the Dems would be better off just sitting this election out.

Millie Tyler

Just another reason why I say that the U.S. may never fully recover from the Obama administration; the national debt being another. I can’t describe the relief I experienced on election night 2016. One the best moments of my life was inauguration day when that helicopter carried Obama away from the Capital. I snapped a photo of the scene on the TV for posterity. What a great memory! Such happiness filled my heart!

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