Jimmy Carter Dubbed ‘a Real Life Superhero’ After Leading Habit for Humanity With Black Eye at 95

Former President Jimmy Carter isn’t letting 14 stitches get in his way of serving, as he’s leading a build for Habitat for Humanity following a fall.

After falling at his home and being hospitalized, the former president — and oldest living president — showed up in Nashville with a black, ready to take on his tasks with the organization.

Watch the video below:

Carter, 95, explained his fall to a crowd at the Ryman Auditorium on Sunday evening. The former president hit a “sharp edge” at his Georgia home, which led to a black eye and stitches.

“I had to go to the hospital and they took 14 stitches in my forehead, and my eye is black, as you’ve noticed,” Carter said, adding, “But I had a number one priority and that was to come to Nashville to build houses.”

See Carter’s comments below:

Many were quick to respond to Carter’s dedication, including 2020 Republican primary challenger Joe Walsh.

“Just remarkable,” Walsh wrote. “Well done President Carter.”

Walsh is among two other challengers vying for the Republican spot against President Donald Trump — a president Carter has been critical of.

“President Carter is a real-life superhero,” one Twitter user wrote.

Check out other reactions below:

Carter and his wife Rosalynn — who’ve been working with Carter Work Project for 36 years  — are planning to help construct 21 homes in Nashville during their trip, with the help of hundreds of volunteers.

Habitat of Greater Nashville President Danny Herron said, “Every generation only has one or two iconic people who really transcend time, and I think Jimmy Carter and Mrs. Carter are two of those because of their humanitarian efforts, specifically for Habitat for Humanity,” the Nashville Tennessean reported.

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Bravo for Mr. Carter. He’s doing real good on a human-scale, despite his age. I disagree with the “super-hero” label, as it’s REAL everyday people who make things work to help others. He’s no more special than the other volunteers in that respect except for the PR. full disclosure: I wielded a hammer, tape-measure, and speed-square for Habitat for Humanity while spending time in New Orleans, post-Katrina, on a telecom job. I continue to volunteer at one of their local ReStores. (I do a lot of volunteer work as it’s beneficial to me and a great tax write-off) I selfishly… Read more »

Tery Gohsman

Looks a lot like 2 black eyes. Either way, a truly great American.





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