Jimmy Fallon Lands ‘Exclusive’ Interview With His Own ‘Fired’ Trump Official — Dr. Evil

With officials departing the Trump administration at a head-spinning rate, it’s hard to keep track of just who is in and who is out.

So when Jimmy Fallon teased an “exclusive interview” with an ousted Trump official on ‘The Tonight Show’, there were a lot of possibilities for who his guest might be. But few probably guessed that he’d bring out Dr. Evil in a “Make The World Evil Again” hat.

Mike Meyers reprised one of his famous roles from the “Austin Powers” series for the gag, explaining that “naturally, I was gonna be secretary of evil, but Steve Bannon got that job.”

Watch the video below:

“I was more of an ‘ideas’ guy, really,” Dr. Evil explained, saying he intended for the wall to be “a moat filled with spiky blowfish” and for actor Alec Baldwin to foot the bill.

“All the most evil stuff was me,” he explained of his pretend role in the Trump administration.

“Even deporting ‘Dreamers?'” Fallon questioned.

“No, Jimmy, even I have my limits,” Dr. Evil responded. “I’m evil, but I’m not a monster.”

Meyers’ character explained that he grew close to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson during his time in the administration, saying, “We were both evil doctors and didn’t know why we were there.”

“And you remember when he spent $30,000 of taxpayer money on an office chair?” he added. “Yeah, I thought that was particularly evil.”

Meyers caps off his parody of the Trump administration’s staffing turmoil with a tell-all book: “Fire and Fury and Also Evil and More Fire and Also Magma Too,” a riff on the Michael Wolff book that rocked the West Wing in January.


Ousted from the Trump administration, Dr. Evil also announces his own plan to run for president alongside Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, calling him “the only man who’s more hated right now than Donald Trump.”

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