Joe Biden Wants Barr to Resign as Trump’s AG — But Called Him ‘One of the Best’ Back in the 1990s

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters Aaron Bernstein/Reuters

While Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden gave high praise to Attorney General William Barr in the 90s, he now is calling for his resignation.

While testifying in 1995, Barr was praised by Biden, who was the ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Barr had served in the early 90s as former President George H.W. Bush’s attorney general.

“As I know you know, but others should know, too, I truly enjoyed working with you when you were attorney general,” Biden said to Barr. “You were one of the best I have ever worked with, and there have been a lot of attorneys general since I have been here, and I mean that sincerely.”

Biden was previously known as a moderate Democrat, although now is flipping in many of his views, including abortion as IJR News previously reported.

The former lawmaker had even “complimented” Barr during his original confirmation hearing, for giving “the first candid answer anyone has given on Roe v. Wade that I can remember in God knows how many years.”

Now, Biden is claiming that Barr has “lost the confidence of the American people” and should resign.


“Vice President Biden believes Bill Barr’s conduct as Attorney General has been unacceptable, and he should resign his office,” said Biden campaign spokesman T.J. Ducklo to CBS News.

He also referenced the Mueller report summary, saying that it was proof he was no longer trustworthy.

“As many across the political spectrum have said,” Ducklo said. “Bill Barr’s behavior today bears almost no resemblance to the person who testified 28 years ago. He has abused the public trust for political gain and has clearly lost the confidence of the American people, and he has to go.”

However, Barr admitted in a recent interview with CBS News that he does not care about his change in reputation.

“Everyone dies and I am not…I don’t believe in the Homeric idea that, you know, immortality comes by having odes sung about you over the centuries,” Barr told Crawford.

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Joan Hill

hmmmm. Lets see_ he used to Like Barr but now thinks he should leave?? wonder how he will grade Pelosi who does nothing ~ >>>>> oh wait, she is very good at being uncooperative and demeaning our ELECTED President.

Dave H
Dave H

Typical two-faced libtard.

Virginia Norselli
Virginia Norselli



Joe the Flip Flopping pervert………! Never ever could I have confidence in him. A man so full of himself he stinks!

Dave Scott

Barr is like a breath of fresh spring air after the likes of Holder, Lynch and do nothing Sessions….

JW NoHawk
JW NoHawk

That was before Barr became the ass kisser in chief…


These past videos on opinions of people are dumb. They are terrible “gotcha” videos because everyone does it. That’s not even a politician thing.

Opinions change… or should we just have a running stream of GOP leaders giving opinions on president Trump during the primaries for the 2016 election cycle?

Tom Bodine

Flip Flop Joe the gaff prone hair sniffing buffoon.

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