Biden ‘Can’t Promise’ His Health Care Plan Will Let Americans Keep Their Doctors

Joshua Roberts/Reuters

Former Vice President Joe Biden (D) would not commit to promising Americans that they could keep their doctors under his health care proposal, the Washington Examiner reported Saturday.

While campaigning in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, Biden — one of the many Democrats running in a crowded primary for the party’s presidential nomination — fumbled his answer to the Examiner when the publication asked if his health care plan would allow Americans to keep their current doctors.

“Well look, I can’t promise — I can promise them that if, in fact, the private insurance they have is kept by their company, they keep whoever that plan allows,” he told the Examiner. “That’s all I can promise.”

The former vice president’s remarks came the same week that he echoed his former boss President Barack Obama’s infamous quote that nabbed him PolitiFact’s “Lie of the Year” in 2013.

While speaking at an AARP-sponsored presidential forum in Iowa on Monday, Biden unveiled his new health care proposal and gave a familiar-sounding promise to the crowd.

“So I give people the option,” he said. “If you like your health care plan, your employer-based plan, you can keep it.”

The Democratic presidential primary frontrunner continued on to claim that Americans would still “get full coverage” under the plan and said that he believed that the proposal was the “quickest, most reasonable, rational, and best way to get to universal coverage.”

Biden’s plan would allow for a “Medicare-like” option for Americans to choose on existing private insurance exchanges, bucking from some of his more-progressive primary opponents’ — such as Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) — “Medicare for All” proposal.

It would also preserve and build upon the savory parts of the Affordable Care Act — known colloquially as “ObamaCare” — while allowing for the importation of prescription drugs from foreign countries and giving Medicare the ability to negotiate prescription prices.

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The “Plagiarist-in-Chief” needs to go, too.



The Old Bumbler and Smoochy Biden will probably have to tie his own shoes. He only has a net worth of $500 thousand unlike his former boss who walked away with $40 million – on a pallet?


Screwtape (my reply is a dummy lure, because IJR) – you cant really blame Obamacare for a 4x increase in your premiums. It’s not as if healthcare suddenly got more expensive since 2008; it’s been shooting up for a long time. You can blame malpractice litigation, paying for indigents, greedy pharmaceutical manufacturers, Obamacare, or whatever else you would like to put on the list, but in the end, it comes down to the insurance industries. If healthcare was paid for out of pocket, like everything else in this country, competition would keep prices in check. With insurance being used like… Read more »


To Ed, because IJR.

I haven’t had to use hospital/emergency services BUT I lost my doctor of over twenty years.

After finding comparable private insurance I found my monthly premiums literally tripled. They are now quadrupled and I am not getting four times the service. I now pay for my prescriptions, vision, and dental on my own.

I ask the question others have asked, “Why am I paying for others who will NEVER help me?” Reciprocity is a HUGE and basic human factor.

Now let’s talk Obozo phones.


I lost an entire hospital, due to them not coming to an agreement with my private insurance. Of course, they didn’t bother telling me that as they decended upon me for my papers while I was in the ER with one of my kids. This was the closest ER to my house, and I’d used it before. I guess it was my fault for not calling ahead and checking that they were still in network before rushing over. This was right in the middle of a three-week period when the hospital and BCBS were battling each other before they came… Read more »

Craig Reynolds

Anyone want to complain about the “In-network” and “Out-of-network” manipulation in coverages already being done by private health insurers?


Floppy Joe may try to be the ‘re-incarnation’ of Super O but does anybody really think this bumbler is capable of doing much more than tying his shoes?


People already lost their doctors under Obozocare. Is Joe saying that people might not get to keep their replacements?





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