Asked About Impeachment, Biden Says ‘My Job is Just to Go Beat Him’

On Monday night, former Vice President Joe Biden appeared on a stage in Iowa beside CNN’s Erin Burnett to answer questions in a town hall format. Unsurprisingly, the Democratic front-runner was asked about impeachment.

An associate professor in the audience asked Biden if “the current impeachment process will convince independents that the president has to be defeated next November or could this backfire on the Democrats?”

Biden began by saying, “The House has no option, it has to enforce the Constitution.”

He added later, “Let’s see where the facts lead us. My job is just to go beat him.”

Here’s the clip:

Biden added later, “Two things I’ve learned the last couple weeks: One, Putin doesn’t want me to be president, and number two, that this guy Trump doesn’t want me to be the nominee. But I tell him I’m coming.”

When asked about Republicans suggesting that his son Hunter Biden testify before Congress about his job with a Ukrainian company, Joe Biden said, “There is zero rationale for that to happen. Nobody has suggested anything was done that was inappropriate.”

The former vice president also noted that, on the topic of corruption, he has released over two decades of his tax returns while Trump has not released any.

And the former Vice President is wrapped up in Trump’s impeachment battle as the inquiry into the president stems from a phone call in which he asked the president of Ukraine to investigate the Biden family.

Biden has been the front-runner in the crowded Democratic field since he entered the race and though Sen. Elizabeth Warren is surging, Biden still holds an six-point lead according to the polling average from RealClearPolitics.

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