Joe Biden Bashes Trump in Iowa Speech: He ‘Offers No Moral Leadership’

Former Vice President Joe Biden was on stage in Burlington, Iowa on Wednesday where he took the fight to President Donald Trump. The former vice president offered a fiery condemnation of the commander in chief, saying at one point that the president has a “toxic tongue.”

Biden referenced several instances of presidents leading through example, including former President George H.W. Bush renouncing his membership with the National Rifle Association after mass shootings and former President George W. Bush going to a mosque after 9/11. Before saying “there’s deafening silence now.

“Sadly, we don’t have that today,” he added. “Our president has aligned himself with the darkest forces in this nation.”

The former vice president accused Trump of embracing hate and racism as a political strategy:

“Trump offers no moral leadership. He seems to have no interest in unifying this nation. No evidence that the presidency has awakened his conscience in the least. Indeed, we have a president with a toxic tongue who has publicly and unapologetically embraced the political strategy of hate, racism, and division.”

Biden earned applause when he declared to the crowd “our president lacks the moral authority to lead,” and “has more in common with George Wallace than he does with George Washington.”

Watch the speech below, via CNN:


And it seems that President Trump was paying attention to Biden’s speech. After visiting with victims of the Dayton shooting in Ohio, the president lashed out at Biden from Air Force One, en route to visit with victims of the shooting in El Paso, Texas.

“Watching Sleepy Joe Biden making a speech. Sooo Boring!” he wrote. “The LameStream Media will die in the ratings and clicks with this guy. It will be over for them, not to mention the fact that our Country will do poorly with him.”


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  3. from the Foilhat Gazette (near future edition): “Disney Goes All YouTube”

    Given the rising costs of production and marketing, the studio has decided to go full PC. It’s Marvel Arm has now decided to make all male characters bitter, sexually-deprived feminists, both male and female. The rest will be “questioning”. The liberated character of Black Widow will go full-frontal nudity and engage in not soft-core porn.

    The character of Groot is now championing asexuality. Formerly voiced by cis-male, het actor Vin Diesel, the CGI will now be accomplished by a synth-voice based on Alexa.

  4. To Cherl,

    Does the elephant note the termites, except to use their mounds as scratching posts?

    No, I refuse to watch the new PC versions of The Lion King or The Jungle Book. Yes, Hollywood is completely out of ideas and must mine previous materials. Just like the Dimocratics. “I have an idea! Let’s continue chasing collusion/obstruction even after the Mueller fiasco!”

    Notice any parallels in complete lack of imagination and avoidance of work? (just like so many of their constituents)

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  7. Screw- I was hoping that some of our prog/left/lib/dim friends would do a little research on their own instead of stating as fact something they heard from a friend.

    1. banstan, I prefer the more accurate “parroting their betters”. I wonder how much they are simply repeating, without their own research, from their *ahem* news sites and outlets.

      They clearly lack either the intellect or experience to form their own conclusions.

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  10. GrooperJoe has morals??? Thats a joke right? You served 8 years as a Dummy with a FRAUDULENT President. A Gay couple that you knew the truth. Where were your morals Joe? Dementia kicking in for sure.

  11. Screwtape. Excellent take on the small tribe of dissent. I knew you could take it and rise above.

  12. “Same for Generally Confused, who will usually push some kind of mooching, Socialist agenda or clumsily misquote his betters.” I Ching

    That is just laughable, so LOL LOL LOL!

    1. Only a mentally bankrupt moron would laugh at their own idiocy. Sound familiar?

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  17. Today’s moral lecture from a guy who called james o. eastland one of his mentors. The left’s hypocrisy never ceases to amaze me.

    1. Banstan,

      You might point out that Eastland was a Dixiecrat who pushed for segregation, Jim Crow, and other policies the Dimocrats conveniently forget.

  18. WHC Just a guess. It’s usually Phyllis, Paul or Generally Confused. They are the most frequent naysayers and also most frequent spewers of nonsense.

    1. Nah Cherl, it’s not generally confused. Screw was the first to aptly name him genital contusion. Explains why his head is in such a fog.

  19. ST, I’m amazed but not surprised by those who give you a downvote without a cogent argument against what you’ve said because it was all true. Biden’s a fool, but he’s my vote to go up against president Trump. They should square off in the octagon and fight to the death! (Creepy Joe could even bring his shotgun…and likely shoot himself in the foot!)

  20. Blah, blah Joe. Like groping underage girls, advocating murder by shooting through doors with a shotgun, standing by while Barry separated children and confined them in chain-link holding cells, or holding Barry’s coat for eight years are moral standards.

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