‘Let’s Count the Ways This Is a Lie’: Joe Kennedy III Shreds Trump’s Health Care Op-Ed

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Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D-Mass.) took to Twitter on Wednesday to fire back at a USA Today op-ed from President Donald Trump.

Specifically, Kennedy took issue with a paragraph in which Trump claimed he had protected patients with pre-existing conditions and lowered insurance premiums.

“As a candidate, I promised that we would protect coverage for patients with pre-existing conditions and create new health care insurance options that would lower premiums. I have kept that promise,” read a quote from Trump’s op-ed.

In his response, Kennedy laid out four key points where he says Trump is lying about the administration’s efforts on health care:

“You tried to take health care from 30 million Americans,” Kennedy wrote of the failed American Health Care Act. “When you failed, you made it more expensive for everyone.”

While the AHCA did fail, Republicans were successful in repealing the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate through their 2017 tax legislation. An estimate from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office found that, “Average premiums in the nongroup market would increase by about 10 percent in most years of the decade … relative to CBO’s baseline projections.”

“Your admin is in court trying to gut preexisting conditions,” Kennedy added. “Your junk plans are scams targeting sick patients.”

In July, Trump’s Justice Department declined to defend key provisions of the Affordable Care Act in court. Those provisions included one that prevented insurers from charging more for patients who suffered from pre-existing conditions.

The Trump administration has also been criticized for allowing the sale of certain low-cost health insurance plans that offer subpar or minimal coverage. Critics have dubbed those plans “junk,” and have argued that while appealing to healthy individuals, they can hurt customers when they need coverage most.

“This may sound good to some people, particularly those who are — for now – healthy,” wrote Andy Slavitt, former acting administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, in a March op-ed. “But we know from decades of experience prior to the ACA that these junk insurance policies have other consequences that are very predictable and very negative.”

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  1. I believe Joe Kennedy should run for president in 2020. He is young , has fresh ideas and cares for the people. Our current president is a spokesman for the rich. He is a billionaire several times over, as are most of the people
    buying votes for him. Evidently that’s not enough money so they are thinking of more ways to suck more from the poor. Mr Kennedy needs to start now. I pray that he will.

    • Be very careful with supporting Joe The Third.

      His top donors are mostly big financial organizations, so he is bought just like most other high profile politicians that you may recognize. In the current election cycle, he had had only about 2,000+ small donors (under $200). That is not many. That means that he wouldn’t be working for you and me because we haven’t paid him to fight for us.

      See yet how this process works?

  2. PLEASE, you have my vote. We have to get rid of this idiot in the White House and make our country great again. Right now, you give me hope. Thank you.

    • WOW! You use Trump’s slogan and you call him THE idiot! Who REALLY is the idiot here? Do you actually have a CLUE about the good Trump has done for the working people in this country? OR, do you just repeat dim talking points like a parrot? I’ve got a feeling that you are all about that latter.

    • Shirley, he is able to say this in public because big-pharma hasn’t bought him off yet. Wall Street guys have, though.

      He still isn’t on our side yet until you hear him, and see him, drop all donations from PACs and his other big donors. THEN you can start trusting him, but not until then.

  3. ST, do you mean “privilege” as in all of his money was inherited from a family patriarch who got it all illegally, or do you mean that he gets special legal treatment from the authorities, say, driving drunk (runs in the family), killing young girls and covering it up (Teddy) or just hitting and running (your choice: Patrick or Kerry). Perhaps “privileged” means whoring around in the WH while Jackie’s out of town (JFK) or having a part in a famous movie actresses death ( your choice again: JFK or RFK). Asking for a friend…..

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