Joe Scarborough Blasts Trump for Using Troops as ‘Captive Audience’ to Promote His Policy Agenda

Joe Scarborough

Even Donald Trump’s harshest critics are giving the president some degree of credit for stepping up and visiting U.S. service members in Iraq on Wednesday. But while MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough joined the chorus recognizing Trump’s step in the right direction, he offered a harsh view of what the president actually did once he arrived in the war zone.

“You know, the president’s trip to Iraq and Germany,” Scarborough said after rolling a clip of Trump’s speech, “they were very good and valuable uses of the president’s time over the Christmas holidays.”

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Scarborough noted that the troops appeared happy with the visit from their commander in chief and expressed gratitude for the visit. But his tone quickly shifted when he discussed the content of the president’s remarks.

“But we should also be concerned that Mr. Trump once again used a captive audience of American heroes to push his unpopular domestic agenda — this time, the wall,” he added.

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

Scarborough contrasted Trump’s partisan remarks with the unifying behavior of Winston Churchill at Yalta, Dwight D. Eisenhower in Japan, and Ronald Reagan in Berlin.

“It’s all very unbecoming and all very bush league,” Scarborough added. “And you can bet 41 and 43 would have never treated the troops so disrespectfully.”

Scarborough also pointed out Trump’s lie about a military pay raise, noting that if anyone would know the president wasn’t being honest about the topic, it would be the troops receiving the paychecks.

“But you know, worse than the president’s bizarre tics where he lies for absolutely no reason at all, I think more dangerous than that are his policies that will put those troops — and, really, you and me and all Americans — in greater danger,” he said.

Scarborough also offered harsh criticism for Trump’s rapid moves to withdraw troops from Syria and wind down the U.S. presence in Afghanistan.

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Mary Ridosh-Spalding

Oh, I get it, it was alright when the democrats in office pushed for border security and fell flat when they did sh*t to follow through, NOW we have a POTUS with balls who is trying to make it happen and sub human degenerate inbreds like old Joe here are pissy. Here’s a little advice, “It is better to keep silent and have people think your a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!” Abe Lincoln….


Joe is a big headed, beady eyed, bass turd.

Stephanie Wilson

please, shut up joe. you look stupid. than again, you are.


Joey do you realize that you are so narrow minded and bais with your thinking. You can’t be honest with yourself and admit that our president does do good things. No matter what he does you will condemned him. You are suppose to be a reporter
. Stop giving your bais opinion

Mikki Greenwood

Joe, you are disgraceful.

Pat Warnock

That’s low even for you, Joe


Joe Scabbro. An abortion escapee. Too bad. Normal people don’t care what you bray moron. A good fit for MS-13MSNBC.


If that’s the case Joe, then Obozo, W, and every president who’s visited our troops also had a “captive audience”. Not unlike when Mika straps you down and wears the strap-on.





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