POTUS ‘Was Right to Withdraw’ from Obama’s ‘Bad Deal’: Sen Barrasso Praises Trump for Tough Stance on Iran


The junior senator from Wyoming who sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee praised President Donald Trump’s tough stance with Iran in regards to the nuclear deal made with the Islamic Republic under the Obama administration.

During an interview with Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) lauded the president’s departure from the “bad deal” struck with Iran under former President Barack Obama while declaring that “Iran with a nuclear weapon would make the world less safe.”

“Iran with a nuclear weapon would make the world less safe, less stable, less secure. The Iran deal from the Obama administration was a bad deal. It was so bad it never even came to the U.S. Senate for approval and ratification. The president was right to withdraw.”

“And the president is right to add additional sanctions,” continued Barrasso. “He’s gone after oil, so far, and now has added steel, aluminum, and other metals.”

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Barrasso was then pressed on how he “characteriz[ed]” Iran’s actions regarding the deal, to which the Wyoming senator replied by blasting the deal as “such a bad deal that it did allow Iran a path to a nuclear weapon.”

He continued on to state that he “want[ed] to prevent Iran from ever getting” a nuclear device.

“I want to prevent Iran from ever getting a nuclear weapon, so whether they complied or not with a bad deal is immaterial. It didn’t stop them from getting the path to the weapon to be on that road.”

“The president is right,” added Barrasso.

As IJR News previously reported, Trump imposed new sanctions on Iran Wednesday, targeting the nation’s metal industry after the Islamic Republic announced it would be rolling back restrictions on their nuclear program the same day.

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