John Bolton Breaks Silence, Says White House ‘Unfairly’ Seized His Twitter Account

John Bolton
Michelle McLoughlin/Reuters

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton said Friday that he had “liberated” his Twitter account after it was “unfairly” commandeered by the White House shortly after President Donald Trump fired him.

“Glad to be back on Twitter after more than two months,” said the famously acerbic former Fox News commentator and Ambassador to the United Nations. “Since resigning as National Security Advisor, the @WhiteHouse refused to return access to my personal Twitter account. Out of fear of what I may say? To those who speculated I went into hiding, I’m sorry to disappoint!”

Bolton, who as head of the NSC would have had a front-row seat during White House discussions involving Ukraine, has so far remained silent throughout the impeachment inquiry. Congressional officials initially subpoenaed him but later withdrew the request.

Bolton has said he wants a judge to decide whether he should obey his former boss, who has told him and many of his former colleagues not to cooperate with the impeachment investigation, or obey the legislative branch’s order to testify.

Lawyers for John Bolton have hinted he is privy to “many” meetings and conversations relevant to the Ukraine investigation that House investigators still do not know about and might be willing to testify about them if forced to do so.

Friday on Twitter, Bolton said, “For the backstory, stay tuned ……”

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