John Dean Hits Back After Trump Attacks: ‘I’m Honored to Be on His Enemies List’

John Dean
Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Former White House Counsel John Dean compared President Donald Trump to former President Richard Nixon again on Tuesday after the president spewed personal insults against the Watergate witness to reporters.

Trump called the former White House counsel a “loser” after Dean testified in front of the House Judiciary Committee to provide the historical context of the Watergate scandal in comparison to the Mueller report.

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Dean was not kind to Trump in his testimony, but Republican Congress members were just as critical of Dean.

Dean told CNN Tuesday night that he wasn’t surprised by the aggression.

“I know the players, I’ve watched them before,” he said. “I’ve watched them badger Hillary Clinton, they’re all flame throwers.”

The former Nixon White House counsel was just as prepared for Trump’s backlash.

“I’m honored to be on his enemies list. I was able to make Nixon’s at the end so I’m pleased I’m on Trump’s given my feelings about the threat he is to this country,” he said, referring to Nixon’s list of political opponents that Dean himself made public during his Watergate testimony.

Watch the video below:

Dean added that he believed Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s report was a green light to begin impeachment proceedings against Trump. “I’m deeply troubled by the presidency we’re living with,” he said.

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Dean should be on a lot of ‘enemy ‘ lists.

Allen Zabel

Another deep state swamp rat.


This convicted and disbarred liar should be proud. It gives him greater leverage in selling his spurious services to CNN, etc.





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