2020 Dem Hickenlooper Fumbles Speech to Workers by Forgetting What GDP Stands For: ‘I Should Know That’

Yuri Gripas/Reuters

One of the long-shot candidates in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary race and former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper fumbled his way through explaining what “GDP” stands for on Saturday, the Washington Examiner reported.

While speaking to the Service Employees International Union in Las Vegas, Nevada, Hickenlooper — the former governor of Colorado vying for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020 — struggled to explain what the initialism “GDP” means while acknowledging he “should know that.”

“Let’s take healthcare as a whole where next year we’ll be at 18% of our GDP. Our gross, whatever that stands for, demographic product. You know, I should know that, I can’t even remember.”

The term “GDP” stands for that Hickenlooper was searching for is “gross domestic product,” which refers to the cumulative value of all goods and services produced in an area over the course of a year.

The current GDP in the U.S. sits at $19.7 trillion.

The Department of Commerce announced on Friday that the U.S. economy hit a surge this last quarter, with GDP growth beating economists’ expectations and quelling concerns that the economy’s expansion under President Donald Trump would hit a low point.

The U.S. GDP grew 3.2 percent last quarter after many economists predicted the economic growth rate would fall below one percent.

According to the New York Times, Ben Herzon — an economist working for the economy forecasting group Macroeconomic Advisors — could not even think of a reason the economy would go into a “recession.”

“The angst has settled, and the economy has come back. I just can’t point to anything now that’s going to push us into recession.”

REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

The market’s growth spells great news for Trump as he heads into a contentious election year where he could be facing off against anyone from a number of potential Democratic presidential nominees including Hickenlooper, former Rep. Robert “Beto” O’Rourke (D-Texas) and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

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Governor Hickenlooper most of those who are your age learned about the GDP in high school. You must have played hooky during that class. And the people of Colorado elected you Governor (shaking head).

Phyllis Softa

In 2016 we had a candidate that did not know what the nuclear triad was & 63 million Americans voted for him for POTUS. We had a Libertarian candidate that could not name a world leader & did not know Aleppo was a CITY despite extensive news coverage as the site of war crimes & yet he got 1.3 m votes in the general. The 2016 Dem primary had a candidate that claimed “It’s a revolution” was going to have R’s doing a 180 on his policies. Don’t count Hickenlooper out.





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