Senator Kennedy Thanks O’Rourke for ‘Being Honest’ About Wanting Gun Confiscation

Senator John Kennedy (R-La.) thanked former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) for his honesty regarding his gun confiscation plan.

During an interview with Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” Kennedy — the first-term senator from Lousiana — was asked for his thoughts regarding the Democratic presidential primary candidate admitting that he supported the confiscation of Americans’ firearms.

The Louisiana Republican said that, while he does not “agree” with O’Rourke’s plan to confiscate people’s guns, he thanked the former congressman for “being honest” about his views.

Kennedy also joked that the Texas Democrat’s copy of the Bill of Rights skips over the Second Amendment and claimed that “many” of his Democratic colleagues in Washington “don’t believe” in the amendment at all.

Watch the video here:

“I want to thank the congressman for being honest. I don’t agree with him. Beto’s copy of the Bill of Rights goes from one to three. Mine includes the Second Amendment. But there are a whole host of people here in Washington, D.C. — not all of my Democratic friends, but many of my Democratic friends — they don’t believe in the Second Amendment.”

Kennedy went on to say that his “Democratic friends” that do not believe in the Second Amendment “would be happy to confiscate” Americans’ firearms and that if a person did not believe that, then they probably “still believe in Bigfoot.”

“I mean, it’s a fact,” added the Louisiana senator. “And everybody up here knows it.”

Kennedy’s comments came the same day as O’Rourke’s admission that he was in favor of confiscating people’s guns.

As IJR previously reported, several Democrats have distanced themselves from O’Rourke’s proposal, with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) disavowing the plan and claiming that he does not know “of any other Democrat who agrees” with the former congressman’s plan.

O’Rourke also mistakenly celebrated an uptick in AR-15 sales on Twitter while reacting to the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) joke that he was their “AR-15 Salesman of the Month.”

He had claimed that “Colt Firearms just announced they’re stopping production of AR-15s” and linked out to an Associated Press article that said the firearms company was stopping civilian sales to fulfill law enforcement and military contracts.

The article said that Colt believed there was “already an adequate supply of sporting rifles on the market” and that the firearms company “remains committed to the Second Amendment and is adapting to consumer demand.”


  1. >Screwtape<

    Yes, I know, "facts" only get in the way of the "truth". I heard that said by one of the creeps driving the 2020 clown car; so, you gotta believe it has a smidgen of something.

  2. >Phyllis Softa<

    I believe you had a question about Colt, AR-15's and civilian sales in another article. I thought I had cleared that up for you.

    Colt has ceased production of the AR-15 for CIVILIAN sales – TEMPORARILY. Because they feel there are a sufficient number of the CIVILIAN AR-15's in the marketplace, Colt has turned to manufacturing the AR-15's to fill their military and law enforcement contracts. Colt is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment; and, will resume production for CIVILIAN use when their contracts have been filled.

    Even though the majority of gun manufacturers expand their operations and hire additional workers; they still cannot keep up with the public's demand. Also, those offices which issue Concealed Carry Licenses usually stay way behind because of the interest in carrying concealed for self-defense and many have needed to hire additional workers to try and catch up the backlog. New License records are being broken nearly every month because of the interest and NEED to protect one's self.

    You might also be interested to know that there is a huge upswing in the number of women who are purchasing a weapon for self-defense AND more and more women only gun clubs are springing up around the US. So, don't be fooled by the Left's propaganda and the absurd notion guns will disappear from the American scene. The Socialists may try; but they won't like the outcome. (It would be a BYOBB "party" – Bring Your Own Body Bag".)

  3. Seriously, in Trump World if you can not own or purchase a military assault rifle, the 2nd Amendment disappears????? Magic? What happens if it is only 1 type of military assault rifle? Colt announced yesterday that they will no longer produce AR-15 for civilian purchase. Has the gun manufacturer ended your “god given” 2nd amendment rights???

    1. Colt can do whatever they want, but as far as the government is concerned what part of, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be INFRINGED.” do you not understand?

  4. James,

    You should know by now that “facts” mean nothing to the Left, unless it serves their narrative. Biden and now Beta have said their *ahem* truth matter more than reality.

    “Feel goods” and meaningless gestures count with their voting base.

    1. You support a wall that will NOT address where 90% of illegal entries occur. Reagan, Bush and Brownback’s tax cuts did not pay for themselves but you bought that Trump’s tax cuts were going to pay for themselves. ZERO arrest of non-citizens voting, but YOU believed voter ID would solve a non-existent problem. Trump publicly asked Russia to get Hillary’s emails, but YOU believed Trump was unaware of Russia’s hacking of the DNC emails. Barr claims Mueller cleared Trump of collusion and obstruction and YOU believe him and refuse to read the report or listen to Mueller’s testimony. IF THAT is your idea of REALITY, please define what you perceive the word REALITY means!

  5. Beta is stupid. No better way to say it.

    So are states like CA which defy federal law. (Imagine if we all just ignored those federal laws we didn’t like?)

    It’s called nullification and historically preceded the 1st Civil War. The Left, with it’s pointed refusal to follow laws and culture-war violence, is making a 2nd one so likely it’s scary. Bring it.

  6. Anyone who does not believe the DemocRATs don’t want to confiscate our weapons and do believe they support the Second Amendment are seriously fooling themselves. The DemocRATs have quietly planned gun confiscation for years; back to when Clinton was in the WH and signed the useless “Assault Weapons Ban” which FBI data reveals did NOTHING to stop any shootings anywhere. Just like all the rhetoric about background checks (which already exist), universal background checks (what’s that? Worldwide checks?) and more paperwork (laws) which will supposedly stop any caliber bullet. It’s all smoke and mirrors and endless amount of DemocRATic hot air affecting the local”climate”.

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