John Kerry Has One Word of Advice for Donald Trump: ‘Resign’

John Kerry was among a handful of American business leaders and political figures who made an appearance at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, this week, and unsurprisingly, the former Democratic presidential nominee had some harsh advice for President Donald Trump.

Kerry was asked on a CNBC panel what he would tell Trump if he were sitting across the table from the commander in chief.

“[Trump] doesn’t take any of this seriously, he doesn’t have an ability to have that kind of conversation,” Kerry said.

He was then pressed on what his message would be.

“Resign,” Kerry said.

His answer earned laughter and applause from the foreign crowd.

Here’s the clip of that exchange:

Trump said on Twitter that he decided not to go to Davos because of the shutdown. Though it’s been discussed that the president doesn’t like traveling overseas.

In 2018, the president gave a speech, and during one panel, the crowd booed him after he called the press “nasty, mean, vicious, and fake.”

The annual World Economic Summit is a sort of meeting-of-the-wealthy-minds and is a regular visit for American presidents and leaders. While Trump was absent, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo did do a remote interview in which he was asked if America is isolated on the global stage.

Though Kerry’s answer wasn’t exactly comprehensive, he was hardly the only Davos attendee critical of Trump. In another discussion, Washington Post executive editor Marty Baron said he didn’t feel that “the U.S. government has put enough pressure on the Saudis” when speaking about the murder of Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Meanwhile, there are scattered speculations that Kerry might enter the 2020 race, but he doesn’t seem to be lighting up voters. Polls aren’t showing interest in the possibility of the 75-year-old former Massachusetts senator making an Oval Office effort. Instead, Democrats seem to want a new face.


  1. Interesting. If Kerry even registered on Trump’s radar I’m sure his one-word rejoinder would be “LOSER.”

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