Trump Is ‘Actually Correct’: John Kerry Praises POTUS for Being Hesitant with Military Force Against Iran

Former Secretary of State John Kerry said that he believed President Donald Trump is “actually correct” to be hesitant to use military force against Iran.

During a Sunday morning interview on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Kerry was asked by host Margaret Brennan about the situation between Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic and if the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) — commonly referred to as the Iran nuclear deal — can be “salvaged.”

Kerry said “of course” the plan could be salvaged but also said he believed that it was “obvious” that Iran was behind the recent attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil sites.

He then praised Trump for not being “rushed into a corner” to enter into a military conflict with Iran and the U.S. was “seeing the unfolding” of the effects from the economic actions taken against the Islamic Republic.

Watch the video here:

“You’ve got to be really clear and honest about what’s happening here. I believe Iran — one way or the other — was behind the attack that took place. That, to me, is obvious. It’s also obvious that it’s got to be denied, and it will be denied right now because they need the plausible deniability. But the president, I think, is actually correct to be evaluating, sort of, not being rushed into a corner to go to war. That is what we shouldn’t do.

But you also have the look at what happened afterward, after we pulled out. We basically declared economic war on Iran. We have been pressuring them, maximum pressure, and it was entirely foreseeable that that would result in further conflict. So, we’re seeing the unfolding of really a bankruptcy of approach. The international community can come together now. I think there is a way to avert war without showing weakness.”

As IJR previously reported, the president told reporters in California that there are “many options” the U.S. can explore before using the “ultimate option” of going to war.

“There are many options. There’s the ultimate option and there are options that are a lot less than that. And we’ll see,” Trump said. “I’m saying the ultimate option meaning go in — war.”

The Saudi Arabian government had said the strikes on their oil sites last week were “unquestionably sponsored” by the government of Iran.


  1. What Kerry really thought: “Jesus F’ing Christ!! You’d think these Iranian A-holes would have been happy with that $1.5 billion Barack and I dropped off at that airstrip in the middle of night! These M’Fers are never happy! I just hope they remember what I did for them when they commit their final JIHAD! Just preserve my horse face head for the benefit of prosperity!!!!

  2. DJ Trump’s one saving grace is that he has been — so far — reluctant to shed blood. He talks of great violence, but hasn’t actually sponsored any — other than some stuff against some protesters at his political rallies.

    As for the attack on the Saudi oil facilities, and earlier attacks on shipping in the Gulf, the experts say this is Iran’s way of warning what they can and will do if pushed.

  3. John Kerry only cares about his own interests in Iran. Do not be fooled. His comments are expedient for himself in trying to calm the new-con & left’s thirst for war.

  4. Kerry is just protecting his investments and relatives that married into that criminal, Satanic following cabal if criminals.He would not back trump on anything.
    Trump understands that our money and troops must not be wasted on battles that God will win through economic forces and those that will bring down that dictatorship.

  5. Well, I guess he is not running for office this year SO he doesn’t have to say Tump is a Racist, eh ?

  6. So horse face Kerry bids for public attention once again. He always tells the truth doesn’t he? Just ask the citizens of Tracy California about Kerry truth. The questions you need to ask is, “What happened to the Heinz processing plant in Tracy? Where did it go? What did he and Patricia tell the people of Tracy that it would not go?

    Sorry but John is a proven liar and coward. Vietnam Vets that were around him know the truth about him. If he had had a little more money he and Hanoi Jane would most likely be married to each other.

    1. Were you thinking John Kerry asked CBS to interview him??? Why don’t you try that and see if they take you up on it. John Kerry’s wife and step-sons OWNED the Heinz company. WHO is Patricia? John Kerry’s wife name is Teresa Heinz. It was made public during the 2004 campaign that they keep their pre-marital assets separate. Her pre-marital assets included her late husband’s shares in Heinz. Berkshire Hathaway purchased the Heinz company in February, 2013. If John Kerry SERVED in Vietnam and you consider him a “coward” WHAT is it that you consider the fake bone spur draft dodger?

  7. Kerry should know all about Iran and their nuclear capabilities. Wasn’t he recently talking with the Iranians in hopes of having them convince Washington to reinstate the JCPOA; which violated US law by his speaking to foreign leaders as a private citizen? Kerry needs to be investigated for his sneaky, back stabbing “diplomacy”.

    1. What is the specific law that was violated? Think about what you are saying. Wasn’t Netanyahu a guest in the Kushners’ home during both stints as PM? How many times have previous Sec of States, i.e., Henry Kissinger, met with foreign leaders after they left office. THINK, James.

    2. No law against speaking to foreign leaders. You can write, phone, email or Tweet all the foreign leaders you want. What you can not do is conduct diplomacy as a private citizen, or lobby for a foreign country other than as registered foreign lobbyist.

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