Hockey Coach Explains His Opposing Stance to US Women’s Soccer Team on National Anthem: ‘This Is America’

The hockey coach whose viral video of him telling his players to respect the national anthem or “get the f*** out” explained his opposing stance to the U.S. Women’s National Team’s on the issue.

During an interview with “Fox and Friends” Thursday morning, Assistant Coach to the Connecticut Hat Tricks John Krupinski — who also serves as a police sergeant — was asked what it was about his speech about respecting the national anthem that resonated with people.

Krupinski responded by saying that “this is America” and that he did not believe there was “any reason not to ask people to respect your national anthem during a game.”

Watch the video here:

He went on in the interview to say that the anthem was “really important” to him and that he believes that “we can take time out to give two minutes worth of respect” to those who serve the country fighting overseas and protecting our communities at home.

“[The anthem] is really important to me. I take pride in my country,” said Krupinsky. “The flag, I have unfortunately seen it covering too many coffins. And I think we can take time out to give two minutes worth of respect to our soldiers, to our firemen, to our policemen. I don’t think that’s asking too much. I’m not going to apologize for asking players to show a little bit of respect when it’s either the American or Canadian national anthem.”

Watch the video here:

He added that the U.S. Women’s National Team was “our team” and that the country needed to “support them,” no matter what sport they were playing.

The video took off around the same time the final of the Women’s World Cup. U.S. Women’s National Team co-captain Megan Rapinoe made headlines during the tournament after she announced that she would not “go to the f***ing White House” if the team was invited by President Donald Trump.

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Thank you, Coach Krupinski for standing up for America! Many red-blooded Americans have fought and died for the freedoms we have today; freedoms the (Nazi-lite) Socialists want to remove from our life so they can be in CONTROL with their POWER. Everyone should stand as the flag is presented and the National anthem is played and be thankful to be an American. IF an individual is unwilling to honor the sacrifice millions have given FOR them, I agree: GET OUT OF AMERICA. Move to a “nicer place” like Venezuela, North Korea, Iran or maybe Cuba.





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