John Legend Makes Surprise Visit to Dayton After Shooting: ‘Let’s Fix It Together’

John Legend/Instagram

Musician John Legend returned to his home state of Ohio on Sunday to visit the city of Dayton one week after a mass shooting brought chaos to the city’s Oregon District.

“In light of last week’s events, it is more important than ever for us to come together to support our local communities,” Legend tweeted, sharing photos of his visit to the area where the shooting took place.

Legend visited the Oregon District on Sunday with Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley:

Thank you, Mayor Whaley, for your leadership and the hospitality you showed me and my team,” he wrote in a tweet. “You represent Dayton well!”

In a press conference with Mayor Whaley, Legend called for new legislation to prevent future shootings. “We’ve gotten too used to this,” he said, according to NBC 4. “These are our communities, places where our families and our friends live, our loved ones live, and as a native Ohioan, it’s so heartbreaking to see this gun violence exacting such a heavy toll so close to home.”

“It’s time for them to act to pass background check legislation and a strong red flag bill right now.”

Legend also surprised survivors of the shooting with a concert at a local venue in Dayton. “I just played a few songs to try to help bring comfort to some of the survivors of last week’s tragedy in Dayton,” Legend wrote on Instagram. “My heart breaks for everyone who lost someone.”

“I love how everyone rallies around one another during their time of grief. But our nation should not keep putting ourselves through these preventable traumas. Let’s fix it together.”

After his visit, Legend took to Twitter to urge his followers to call their senators to support stronger gun safety laws.

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