GOP Rep Thinks the Obama Administration Has Some Explaining to Do After Mueller Found No Collusion


A House Republican says the Obama administration has some questions to answer following the release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s bombshell report regarding Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, which did not establish collusion between President Donald Trump’s campaign and the Kremlin.

During an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo,” Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) gave his reaction to Mueller’s highly-anticipated report — which dropped on Thursday — praising the president for being “truthful” during the probe.

He went on to call on Attorney General William Barr to investigate the reasons behind the FISA application used to wiretap former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

“I’m glad that he has focused on getting the Mueller report out in a redacted form that people can see, but now his focus needs to be answering his own question. As he said, there was spying, the Obama Justice Department and intelligence community did spy on the Trump campaign.”

Ratcliffe, a former federal prosecutor who serves on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the House Judiciary Committee, continued to ask about the “predicate” surrounding the FISA warrant application, “particularly when the predicate was supposedly that there was collusion.”

Watch the interview here:

The Texas Republican added that the Obama Justice Department had “some explaining to do”:

“So if there wasn’t any evidence of collusion, what was the probable cause, what was the predicate for the Obama Justice Department to go to the FISA court and represent that there was probable cause of a crime of a conspiracy with Russia? And the folks that made those verifications, they got some explaining to do.”

As IJR Red previously reported, Page weighed in on Barr’s previous letter to Congress outlining the key findings of the report prior to the redacted report’s release last month, saying that “the real Russia investigation starts now.”

Joshua Roberts/Reuters

The attorney general is expected to be brought before Congress in the coming weeks to testify on the Mueller report. Barr claimed a week before the drop of the Mueller report that “spying” occurred against the Trump campaign, as IJR reported.

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There have been unanswered questions about Barry Soetoro since he came on the political scene as an IL Senator. His birthplace; his legal name; his Indonesian citizenship; his homosexual activities; his anti-American agenda; his being unqualified to be seated in the WH; his Marxism; his masquerading as a radicalized Dem; his hatred of Jews as a Muslim; his habitual lying to the World’s population. A hearing may take at least several months to arrive at him being an illegitimate president.

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