Former NH Gov Warns Dems Against the ‘Serious Mistake’ of Impeachment, Claims Public Opinion Is With Trump

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Late former President George H.W. Bush’s former chief of staff and former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu (R-N.H.) warned the Democrats that their idea of impeaching President Donald Trump was a “serious mistake” during a Fox News interview on Monday.

While giving an interview on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” Sununu cautioned the Democratic party against impeaching the president, saying that it would be a “serious mistake” to make after what was revealed in the second volume of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s bombshell report.

“I think the Democrats are going to make a serious, serious mistake because I think the court of opinion is going to move strongly in the president’s favor as people find out the legal malice that was in volume 2.”

“I think the more you read that, the more you understand that was Andrew Weismann doing unethical legal malfeasance once again,” added Sununu.

Watch the interview here:

Andrew Weismann was a top lawyer on Mueller’s team who built the case against Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort. Weismann announced last month — prior to the conclusion of the Mueller report — that he would be accepting a teaching position at New York University.

Sununu went on to say that the Democrats would have “a difficult time dealing” with the investigation that Senate Judiciary Chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) announced would look into the “[Hillary] Clinton side of the issue.”

He continued on to blast the Democrats further, saying that the “American public” would eventually see behind the curtain as to “how political they are.”

“The more and more they get into the weeds, the more and more the American public is going to understand how political they are rather than trying to get legislation passed.”

Sununu added that he believed Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) “mind [was] made up” on impeachment and there was “no way” the Democrats would get “traction” on the issue after Independence Day and the “summer doldrums.”

Watch the clip here:

“They’re gonna get burned,” he shot.

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At this point, the president has plenty of evidence against those who have plotted against him At his position he can pull any of the levers of power. . I’m quite sure he’s holding the cards close to the vest until the time is right .
I wouldn’t want to be an FBI shooter right around now!


Obviously Gov. Sununu understands that any attempt to impeach Trump will (1) greatly improve his approval rating and (2) guarantee his re-election in 2020; perhaps by an unprecedented landslide. The Left had the Mueller investigation blow up in their faces; so too would any attempts to impeach a great president on any of their phony, manufactured garbage. GOP in the House, Senate and WH in 2020 and beyond.

Phyllis Softa

Sununu is 1 of many R’s claiming impeachment would benefit Trump. So WHY would they NOT WANT the D’s to move to impeach? WHY do they NOT want an action that they claim to be convinced would help Trump?

Phyllis Softa

Houston, I surmise that you did not write the headline of your article. It does NOT match your reporting, which correctly quotes Sununu’s comment during the provided interview. His claim is NOT that the public opinion is with Trump–but says it WOULD MOVE strongly in president’s favor if Dems moved to impeach him.





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