GOP Senator Commends Trump for ‘Brilliantly’ Using Tariffs to Strike Immigration Deal With Mexico

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) is tossing his support behind President Donald Trump for his “brilliantly” used tactic to pressure Mexico into helping to stop the massive flow of migrants crossing to the U.S.-Mexico border.

Johnson, the chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, told “Fox News Sunday” that he spoke with the Mexico ambassador over the phone, telling them the president was “dead serious” on the tariffs and “there are not the votes to override it.”

“You know you have to do more,” Johnson said he told the ambassador.

The Republican lawmaker said that the caucus “definitely supports” Trump using the tariffs “to give us leverage against our trading partners to treat us fairly.”

“This is out of control,” he said of the border situation. “That’s why the president had to act because Mexico had not been acting.”

Although the president initially didn’t garner all favorable responses from GOP lawmakers, as they were split on his stance to use tariffs as a threat to Mexico, however, many came to his support when he called off the tariffs as U.S. and Mexico came to an immigration deal late Friday.

“I think he used them as leverage in the situation brilliantly, quite honestly,” Johnson said.

Watch the video below:

Johnson took a trip to the southern border in April, where he noted at the time that the immigration system is “completely out of control,” as IJR Red earlier reported.

“I’m extremely worried,” Johnson said at the time. “That’s exponential growth and it’s only going to continue to grow exponentially.”

Johnson was correct when he predicted the southern border crisis would only escalate.

Border law enforcement is “breaking records” in the number of apprehensions of illegal immigrants — reaching 144,278 total apprehensions in May — “with no sign of slowing,” as Border Patrol Chief Brian Hastings said on Friday.

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What did the Democrats do to help secure the border? Not a damn thing. I will say it once again they will lose this election immigration along. The president is showing leadership and strength.


Tariff talk worked and the Dumbos can’t stand it because they have not the cajones to have done the same. We’ll see if the Mexicans follow through, but I’d wager that they will.


More and more Republicans are learning how to play the game of Chess, and abandoning the old game of Checkers, that the Democrats only know of.

Jade Obrien
Jade Obrien

People who actually go to the border tell it the way it is but the ones who won’t go act like it is no big thing. They don’t know what they are talking about and refuse to find out. They hide behind walls and don’t care about the public and what it is doing to them.





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