‘Here, There Is No Underlying Crime’: Watergate Assistant Prosecutor Blasts Mueller-Watergate Comparison

A former assistant special prosecutor from the Watergate investigation blasted the idea that former special counsel Robert Mueller‘s probe into Russian election interference and President Donald Trump‘s 2016 presidential campaign was comparable to the Nixon-era scandal.

While speaking to “Fox & Friends” on Thursday, former assistant special prosecutor Jon Sale was pressed by host Pete Hegseth on how the Trump-Russia investigation compared to the Watergate scandal.

Sale responded by saying that the Trump administration’s maintaining of “strong public opinion” and “strong support in the Republican Senate” kept them out of “any danger.”

Sale went on to say that the “real difference” between the Watergate investigation and Mueller’s probe was “the third branch of government” and that he believed the Democrats were “overreacting with all these subpoenas.”

“If they were smart, they might issue one or two targeted subpoenas and go to court with it,” Sale explained. “But the court is going to just rule in here.”

Watch the video here:

“What happened with Watergate was first, there was an underlying crime: the burglary,” Sale continued. “So there was something to cover up. Here, there’s no underlying crime. So it’s just totally different.

“But public opinion — as long as the Trump White House, the president, keeps public opinion, the ballot box is going to decide whether or not President Trump continues or doesn’t continue,” he added.

Sale’s comments came the day after Mueller held a press conference in which he formally resigned from his position as special counsel. During the conference, Mueller stated that he and his team “concluded that we would not reach a determination one way or the other about whether the president committed a crime.”

Mueller’s comments emboldened some Democrats in their impeachment calls against the president.

As IJR Blue previously reported, 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidate Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) published a tweet on Wednesday following Mueller’s conference calling on Congress to begin impeachment proceedings against Trump “immediately.”

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I think the dems will change when they begin appearing in court to answer questions about one huge crime they committed trying to best the President. The rats are starting to move around.

William Conklin
William Conklin

What a great political ploy! A cabal of deep state activists concoct a phony claim of collusion and engage a special counsel to investigate the claim. Then when the subject of the phony claim objects and pushes back, he is accused of “obstruction”. As Chicago is suing Smollett for the cost of investigation, the DOJ should sue the cabal for the $40 million cost of the Muller investigation.


The impudent Dumbocrats are bitter. In desperation they grasp at straws. Collectively they have no stragegy other than Trump-bashing and that has worn thin. If they would do ANYTHING positive for the American people, they might find some support. As it stands, they are sad muck-rakers who cannot compete in the race because they remain in the barn.





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