Jon Voight Recalls Visit With Trump to Honor Fallen Soldiers: ‘So Grateful’

Actor Jon Voight is expressing his gratefulness toward those who serve in the U.S. military.

Speaking on Fox News, Voight addressed recently visiting Dover Air Force Base in Delaware with President Donald Trump to honor two fallen U.S. soldiers who died in Afghanistan in a helicopter crash.

“He felt I had empathy for the families,” Voight said. “And invited me and said, ‘Would you like to come?’ I said, ‘Yes I would. I’d like to see that ceremony performed, and say my prayers and salute those caskets.'”

The Oscar-winning actor — who has been vocal about his support of Trump — went on to describe the ceremony had an “art to it” and that he was “so grateful to be there.”

“That ritual, that art, made the statement of our respect and our gratitude for the sacrifices of our military,” Voight said, adding, “And I’m sure the dignity of it was the dignity of it was affecting to those families.”

Watch Voight’s interview below:

Prior to Voight’s travel to the base in Delaware, Trump awarded the well-known actor the National Medal of Arts, as IJR previously reported.

“Jon Voight, you are an amazing artist and a beloved icon of the American film,” Trump said during the ceremony. “Congratulations.”

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It amazes me to see those few so-called “Americans” as ungrateful parasites who demand their First Amendment Right to spew their hatred for the President and the military; a military which voluntarily defends THEIR Right to denigrate them by calling them “war criminals”; not “heroes”. Shameful that some in our population needs to put their hatred of America and cowardice on public display; yet be defended by a military they hate.





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