Jordan, Meadows Gear Up to Defend Trump as House Democrats Prepare Further Probes: ‘Let’s Be About the Truth’

Reps. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) were excited to see President Donald Trump skate away from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Now, they’re gearing up for a battle of their own against House Democrats.

Before anyone even knew what was in the report summary, House Democrats vowed to continue digging into Trump’s election. After Attorney General William Barr released a summary of the report, highlighting that there was no evidence of conspiracy and no pending indictments, House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) called for the full report and testimony by Barr so that the House can pick apart the findings.

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“The attorney general’s comments make it clear that Congress must step in to get the truth and provide full transparency to the American people,” Nadler stated.

Nadler wasn’t alone. As IJR reported earlier, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) claimed that Mueller’s report wasn’t the “end of anything.” She vowed to continue digging into Trump to push for impeachment.

Just as they have for the past two years, Jordan and Meadows told Fox News host Brian Kilmeade on Monday morning that they plan to stand strong alongside Trump against these continued investigations. They even announced plans to bring their own investigations forward, if necessary.

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MEADOWS: You hear Jerry Nadler there. If he wants to get to the truth, let’s bring in Glenn Simpson, who started this with a fake dossier — who actually has claimed the fifth. Let’s go ahead and bring in a lot of the individuals who put this false narrative out there. If we really want to get to the truth, let’s be about the truth.

JORDAN: Brian, Mark’s exactly right. Eighty-one letters Jerry Nadler sent out because this wasn’t the bombshell they hoped for. In fact, it was just the opposite in the Mueller report. So they’re starting a whole new fishing expedition. Eight-one letters to 60 different people, but two key people he didn’t send a letter to. He didn’t send one to Glenn Simpson, and he didn’t send one to Christopher Steele — the foreigner hired by the Clinton campaign to write the dossier that was the basis for this whole twisted deal.

The two Republicans announced their plans to continue digging to find the foundation for this investigation to see if the Department of Justice was biased in its motivation for the investigation.

“It requires further investigation to make sure that we do that, that we do not weaponize the intelligence community, the Department of Justice, or the FBI,” Meadows said. “Jim and I are committed to getting to the bottom of it.”

It isn’t yet clear what portions of the Mueller report will be released and whether those details will be released to Congress or the American people, though many people from both sides of the aisle have called for the full report to be released.


  1. Is Jim Jordan the best Ohio 4th district can do? Sad.

    1. Phyllis, is it possible that you are missing something here? Sad

      1. Am I missing that John Boehner called Jordan an “as_hole” and a “legislative terrorist”. Nope.

        1. In what world did Boehner not call Jason Chaffetz and Jim Jordan “as_holes” and Jim Jordan a “legislative terrorist.” Google it. I did not make up the assessment. I just repeated it.

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